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Color on a Cloudy Day…

Texas Red Bud


…slow down and appreciate the beauty that is part of your life.

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Even in the dead of winter there is the promise of spring…and here in Southeast Texas old man winter is losing his grasp as spring overtakes the race…we are now in the season of Sprinter.



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Houston is Iced Over…

Living in Houston, Texas usually affords us a very mild winter…The average high temperature for January is 62 and the low is 43.  We can expect to see temperatures that range from in the 30′s – 40′s  for about 3 weeks in early January.  Hard freezes are uncommon.  The coldest temperature recorded in Houston was 5 degrees on January 18, 1930.

photo 2 (6)

So here we sit on January 7, 2014, with a low temperature of 24.  The pipes and plants have been wrapped and the pets are bundled into their cute doggie sweaters.   We are eating homemade chicken soup and sipping hot tea with honey all the while we are using up our propane at a record rate.

Stay warm!

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Whenever I hear the word sweet I almost immediately think of something moist and rich and chocolatey.   The word sweet also conjures up visions of old-fashioned soda fountains, my favorite gelato shoppe or the local bakery cases filled with buttercream iced cupcakes, fluffy lemon meringue pies and  flakey coconut cakes.

There are other things that are sweet...rosey cheeked children when they are sleeping, adorable puppies and cute baby ducks.  There are flowers that have a sweet fragrance; jasmine, gardenia and roses. There are sweet friends and sweet shoes and really sweet cars…

Sometimes, the sweetest thing is something totally unexpected.  Something done for you by a complete stranger for no other reason than to create a special moment just for you.  There is no repayment required or expected…except for a smile and a nod of recognition for that which was done…

And so we were treated to just such a sweet unexpected surprise on Friday evening when a gathering of friends met for dinner at a Thai restaurant off the beaten path, Merlion…We were treated to the freshest ingredients available, the sweetest server within 50miles and the attention to detail that makes people feel special.  Image

Our table was dressed in the finest the season had to offer…there were fresh-cut hydrangea, sunflowers and wonderfully fragrant rose petals sprinkled down the center of the table.  As we were admiring the floral arrangement we noticed that our table was the only one that had received the special attention.  As the evening progressed we discovered that our sweet server was the co-owner and she had heard that we were celebrating a girls night out and had taken the time to dress our table…

By no means does the food take a back seat to the decor…on the contrary, this is the best Thai food this side of Thailand.  The ingredients are fresh and seasonal…the seafood is purchased from the local fisherman and the noodles are made daily. The dishes were a sexy combination of sweet and spicy…Merlion has most definitely made it on to my list of date night restaurants.

photo (80)

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Keep Austin Weird… “No Kill”

Austin is one of the top “No Kill” cities in the United States…


This is their idea of taxidermy…Don’t kill it…crochet it!



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Keep Austin Weird…Streamlined Shopping




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Travel Theme: Time

Sometimes time repeats itself….

November 2012 197

Check out Where’s My Backpack for more posts on Time Travel….

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Keep Austin Weird…Dining Al Fresco




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Keep Austin Weird…





March 22, 2013 · 8:34 pm

It’s “False” Spring and The Trees are Alive…

Today looks and feels like Spring.  The clover covers the lawn, the trees are beginning to bud, the temperature is in the upper 70′s and the trees are alive with activity.  This is known as the False Spring.

I decided to take advantage of the pleasant false spring weather and pull a few things out of storage that need a fresh coat of paint.  I pulled out way more than I will get to today. But it was necessary to get to the one thing I wanted to start with…

I grabbed a drop cloth and set up my work table out in the yard.  I donned my gloves and prepped my piece.  I began the process of changing a roadside find into a tabletop treasure…

The longer I was outside the loader the cacophony of bird chatter was that filled the air…Eventually I abandoned my paint brush and picked up my camera in an attempt to capture the avian activity that filled the trees...I think maybe my winged visitors were agitated because of the piece I was working on…A rather larger birdcage!

More on the roadside trash to treasure in the coming days…



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