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J is for junktiques…(a-z challenge)

One man’s Junk is…

another womans Junktiques!!!

Antiques, Junk, Americana… Junktiques!  I enjoy browsing through re-sale shops, estate sales and old barns.  There are treasures waiting to be salvaged and re-purposed.  As my adoring husband likes to tell everyone, I have an eye for this stuff.  I enjoy finding old discarded and forgotten items and incorporating the old with the new.  I call it elegant americana.   It is my own eclectic mix of design.  A collection of old pottery displayed in  a contemporary cabinet highlights both without one over powering the other.  It is a delicate balancing act, one that takes a little time and a willingness to look past the dents and the dust and envision what once was could be again. 

I love this little green chair…I think I will enjoy it just the way it is for a little while…I don’t think I can envision it any color but green.  Finding the “right” green will be half the fun!


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