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Travel Theme: Walls…Day Tripping on Street Art

On a day trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Art I took a detour…and stumbled upon these walls..the area where I snapped these photographs is referred to as Midtown.

In Houston and the surrounding areas we are plagued by vandals who use graffiti and tagging to “mark their territory”…This is different…This is Street Art!  Feel free to weigh in on my wall art!











Alisa says; “So the writing is on the wall; what’s your interpretation of this week’s theme? If you would like to join in the travel theme (everyone’s welcome!) here’s what to do:

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Don’t be a fly on the wall – join in the fun! Looking forward to your post.”


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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Hands

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge & Wordless Wednesday….Hands!

Henna is a beautiful art form and a tradition that is practiced in over 60 countries and has been around for thousands of years.


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Wordless Wednesday…Captivating

Wordless Wednesday…Captivating

Wordless Wednesday...Captivating Rock Garden


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aRt or GraFfiTi…

Originally graffiti referred to the inscriptions on the walls of prehistoric cave dwellings.  The word graffiti has also been used to refer to the inscriptions or figure drawings in the Catacombs of Rome.  Today graffiti refers to the images or scratching of any kind found on random property usually without the property owners permission.

Graffiti is surrounded by controversy that create disagreements with the graffitists, property owners and city officials.  Graffiti has many different aspects and is a growing art form. 

I came across a building covered in graffiti murals on my was to the Houston Museum of Fine Art. 

What is your take on graffiti as an art form?  Is graffiti prevalent in your city or neighborhood? 


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