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Flour Girl…

While vacationing in South Lake Tahoe we decided to do a little window shopping.  As we were browsing through the shops at the beautiful Ski Run Marina we stumbled upon the sweetest shoppe…at first I was drawn in by the name over the door, “Flour Girl Wedding Cakes“, an adorable play on words and I for one appreciate a good word play…Then as I looked through the large picture window, I found myself peering in on the flour girls busy at work…I was only there for a few minutes but it was like watching a ballet.  Two  beautiful women dressed for the occasion, their movements were graceful and they seemed at ease with one another.  They were busy whipping up icing and smoothing it over what I can only imagine was deliciously moist layers of cake. I could have stayed there all day, watching them create the only thing that can rival the beauty of the bride…the Wedding Cake!

photo (83)

photo (81)

photo (82)

photo (85)

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U is for…Un, Une and Unique

Today the A-Z challenge is dedicated to the letter “U”.  This weeks WordPress weekly photo challenge topic is “One”.  I decided to roll them together into a little package.

The words Un and Une are the masculine and feminine words for the french word One.

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 This morning I prepared breakfast for Une, a little french bistro breakfast; blackberry croissant, fresh fruit drizzled with vanilla agave syrup and une tasse de cafe! 


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tuesdays treats and treasures …



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My Favorite Comfort Food

is frozen and comes in a box

You can find my favorite comfort food in your local grocers frozen food section.

Sara Lee Original Strawberry Cheesecake served in its original container with a fork. Heaven, Absolute heaven!!! And it’s all mine and I mean it!

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craving cupcakes….

Last summer, my husband’s 50th birthday was fast approaching and I was anxious to find an alternative to the standard birthday cake.  I was in full search mode when I stumbled across the sweetest little bakery…Crave Cupcakes.  Crave Cupcakes makes nostalgia feel new again. Their Uptown Park shop features vintage touches like old-fashioned milk fountains, retro mixers and an open-air kitchen where guests can catch the action. “It’s kind of like watching your grandmother bake“, says co-owner Brad Dorsey.

They have taken a nostalgic favorite and added a gourmet twist.  They start every morning with pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, luscious European chocolates, seasonal fruits from Napa Valley, and dairy from Texas farms and blend them together to create delectable cupcakes and creamy frosting. Thier homemade treats are crafted without preservatives or hydrogenated oils and baked in our store in small batches throughout the day to ensure they are at their finest. Try them with a chilled bottle of ice-cold milk, a cup of Bakery Blend brewed-to-order coffee, or a Crave Coffee Chiller. 

The selection of delicious cupcakes begin with cake donut, gingerbread, lemon-blueberry and maple walnut which are served for breakfast.  The other choices include but are not limited to carrot, coconut, crave chocolate and creme, lemon, pumpkin and my favorite red velvet.  Deciding which flavor to choose will be difficult.  I recommend you buy a dozen assorted flavors and while your there pick up a pound of hill country pecan coffee and invite your friends over for an afternoon of cupcakes and coffee. You will be glad you did…and you will be craving Crave Cupcakes just like me!

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