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It’s for the Birds…a buffet of sorts

It’s for the Birds!  Our bird feeder buffet has afforded us an up close and personal birding experience.  Most days the feeders are overrun by the birds and then other days barely a handful of visitors.  We live in an area that is in the migratory path of a large number of native american birds.  Also, our area claims to be home to the largest concentration of bird species in America. 

Bird Feeder Buffet!

The extreme drought conditions we have experienced this past 18 months has left the natural bird buffet a little on the light side.  I would venture to say that some areas have lost as many as 1/3 of their trees.   The most affected trees are the pines. 

Bird Feeder Buffet!

We have enjoyed many visitors to the feeders; Blue Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Finch, Northeastern Blue birds and Hummingbirds…  This year we have seen the same variety of visitors but the sheer quantity has been overwhelming. 

We are filling the feeders once a week!! We must be serving up a pretty tasty buffet…or we are the only restaurant in town.

Even the pesky adorable little squirrels are enjoying the free buffet..which has caused us to remove the feeders from the trees and hang them from the rain-gutters on the house. 

I am none too worried about the squirrels getting enough to eat…our little piece of heaven on earth has more than a handful of live oaks dropping acorns for their enjoyment.  Should they over indulge wipe out our acorn buffet there are dozens of oaks in the surrounding woods.

Do you feed the birds?  What bird species visit your feeders? 


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