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Baby Birds…

The wren babies are getting their feathers….Their birds nest is in a bucket of fake flowers that was a door decoration.  Look closely, how many babies do you see?

baby birds 2

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”  Lou Holtz

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It’s for the Birds…a buffet of sorts

It’s for the Birds!  Our bird feeder buffet has afforded us an up close and personal birding experience.  Most days the feeders are overrun by the birds and then other days barely a handful of visitors.  We live in an area that is in the migratory path of a large number of native american birds.  Also, our area claims to be home to the largest concentration of bird species in America. 

Bird Feeder Buffet!

The extreme drought conditions we have experienced this past 18 months has left the natural bird buffet a little on the light side.  I would venture to say that some areas have lost as many as 1/3 of their trees.   The most affected trees are the pines. 

Bird Feeder Buffet!

We have enjoyed many visitors to the feeders; Blue Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Finch, Northeastern Blue birds and Hummingbirds…  This year we have seen the same variety of visitors but the sheer quantity has been overwhelming. 

We are filling the feeders once a week!! We must be serving up a pretty tasty buffet…or we are the only restaurant in town.

Even the pesky adorable little squirrels are enjoying the free buffet..which has caused us to remove the feeders from the trees and hang them from the rain-gutters on the house. 

I am none too worried about the squirrels getting enough to eat…our little piece of heaven on earth has more than a handful of live oaks dropping acorns for their enjoyment.  Should they over indulge wipe out our acorn buffet there are dozens of oaks in the surrounding woods.

Do you feed the birds?  What bird species visit your feeders? 


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A-Z Archive: B Challenge

Birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals. With around 10,000 living species which inhabit ecosystems across the globe.

A-Z Archive: B Challenge

Bathing is the washing or cleansing of the body in a fluid, usually water or an aqueous solution. It may be practised for personal hygiene, religious ritual or therapeutic purposes or as a recreational activity.

Bathing can take place in any situation where there is water. It can take place in a bathtub or shower, or it can be in a river, lake, water hole, pool or the sea, or any other water receptacle.

A-Z Archive: B Challenge

A Birdbath is an artificial “puddle” or small shallow pond, created with a water filled basin, for birds to bathe and ‘cool off’ in, and drink from.  A bird bath can be a garden ornament, small reflecting pool, outdoor sculpture, and part of creating a vital wildlife garden.

A birdbath is an attraction for many different species of birds to visit gardens, especially during the summer and drought periods. Birdbaths that provide a reliable source of water year round add to the popularity and “micro-habitat” support

A-Z Archive: B Challenge

Watching the Birds Bathing in the Birdbath is a very relaxing way to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cup of tea…

This beautiful fountain inspired us to set up our own bird feeding and bathing area amongst a little grove of trees just outside of our kitchen window.  The birds gather there almost every day giving us hours of entertainment. 

Photographs:  personally taken in Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Definitions for Bird, Bathing and Birdbath from Wikipedia

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BREASTS  – abcnellibell49.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/from-the-b-archiv…


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Dance of the Hummingbirds

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The Dance of the Hummingbird

A beautiful ballet

The beating of tiny wings

Flitting… Flying

Flying … Flirting

Flirting … Chasing

Chasing … Darting

Darting … Hovering

Hovering … Drinking

Drinking … Resting

Resting … Hovering

Hovering … Drinking

Drinking … Dashing

Dashing … Chasing

Chasing … Flirting

The beating of tiny wings

A beautiful ballet

The Dance of the Hummingbirds


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the view from my front porch…almost

Just a little over two weeks ago our flower beds were covered over with freeze protecting tarps.  The temperatures hovered in the 20’s and 30’s for several days.  The water puddles left behind from the rain were frozen over and the wind was howling out of the north at 30-40 miles per hour.  Winter was in full swing!

Texans will tell you if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute and you will.  That certainly seems to be the case today.  The temperatures this week have been in the 50’s overnight and mid to upper 70’s during the day.  Today was a delightful spring day. 

Sitting on the front porch of our Texas home my senses are aware that change is in the air.  I can see that spring is arriving.  Slowly peeking her head out from the blanket of winter.  Shyly at first.   The new growth teases me.  Looking closely I see that the azaleas and gardenia are covered with new buds.  The Indian Hawthorne is brimming with new growth.  The miniature azaleas and the Texas Red Bud trees are almost ready to show off their beautiful pink party dresses. 

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In South Texas the birds never completely disappear during the winter months.  However, on this beautiful warm February day their numbers seem to be increasing.   In the past few days we have been visited by Eastern Bluebirds, Pileated Woodpeckers, Red Winged Black Birds, Nuthatches, Sparrows, Downey Woodpeckers, Mockingbirds, Cardinals and a host of others I have yet to identify.

There has been a delicate yellow butterfly dancing around our place for the past several days.  Where did she come from?  Where is she going?  Is my yard her destination?  My friendly yellow butterfly has a new friend.  He is mostly black with a little color on his wings, he is a little more elusive.    *note to self-find a butterfly app for my iPhone.*

The one thing that has come to the party without an invitation and with great boldness are the ever-present pesky weeds.  They have me two-steppin at the party; two steps forward one step back, all season long.  Not a day passes without plucking a weed or 2 from the flowerbeds.  Not if you want to keep up perfect party appearances. 

The view from the my front porch shows me …Spring is in the air.


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birds + birdseed + binoculars = birdwatching…birdlady…

We live in an area that is home to large variety of bird species.  I have always enjoyed watching birds in their natural habitat.  However that isn’t easy to do when you live in suburbia.  That is not the case now!

Since moving in we have encountered a variety of wild life.  We have been visited by deer, hogs, possum, raccoons, squirrel and armadillo.  The bird variety is just as varied.  However, I am not as familiar with my avian friends. 

I know that we have had cardinals, downy or red bellied woodpeckers as well as a pileated woodpecker, northeastern blue birds, nuthatches, meadowlarks, hummingbirds, mourning doves, bluejay, owls and red-tailed hawks.  Not to mention the homely vulture and the common blackbirds. 

I have just recently discovered that I can take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count.  The GBBC will take place February 18-21, 2011.  The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual 4 day event that engages birdwatchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where the birds are across the continent.  Anyone can participate, from beginner birdwatchers to experts.  You can spend as little as 15 minutes are as much time as you would like to spend each day of the event.  It’s free, fun and easy!  Well at least that’s what I have read.

I think it would be fun if a few of you joined me in the GBBC.  We can meet back up here the week following the count and share our bird watching experiences.  And for you Home Schoolers this would be a great science project for the kids.  Check out the link for the Great Backyard Bird Count for all the information you need to participate in this free, fun and easy event!


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