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2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…2/52: Fresh

I thought we could all use some fresh perspective this week..with half of the country dealing with freezing temperatures, snow days and cancelled flights… it might help to remember that the scent of fresh-cut grass and warm sunny days are just around the corner.

photo 4 (3)

Since we moved to the country a few years ago we have planted a fresh herb and vegetable garden and a small grove of citrus trees…Although oranges make me think of warm summer days, the varieties of citrus that are growing in our yard are harvested in the cooler months.  We have a dozen or more citrus trees…satsuma and clementine mandarins, navel orange, pummelo, lemon and lime…Although I enjoy all of the vegetables we grow the real highlight is being able to walk through the yard and pick a piece of fresh fruit from the tree, peel and eat it right on the spot.

We have been waiting to harvest the fruit until after the first freeze…the Old Timers say that the fruit is the sweetest after the first freeze…so that time has finally come for south Texas.  Now the race is on to eat all of the freshly picked oranges before they dry up or mold…I may try making fresh preserves…however there may not be enough this time around…I wonder if I can overdose on vitamin C?

What’s your fresh perspective for this weeks challenge?


Also be sure to use the #NolaGirl52weekchallenge so everyone who is playing along can follow you and see your photos.

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2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…


Welcome to my first attempt at hosting a weekly photo challenge...

Over the years I have participated in a number of annual blogging challenges. However, this will be my first attempt at hosting a blogging challenge.  Because I am busy as are most bloggers…I have decided that a weekly photo challenge is all I have time to commit to for this year.

I plan to keep this simple…The weekly photo prompt will be posted each Sunday, except for this week we will begin on Wednesday January 1st. Throughout the week I will re-post and share any pictures that link up to my social media sites.

To play along you will want to share your interpretation of the photo prompt on any of the following social media formats;  your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  You can tag me @nolagirlatheart on your social media site so I can see your interpretation of the weekly prompt.

Also be sure to use the #NolaGirl52weekchallenge so everyone who is playing along can follow you and see your photos.

Let’s keep this fun and friendly…I am also challenging myself to leave more comments this year…this past year I “liked” lots of blog posts but I didn’t take the time to write a meaningful comment. I felt more like a creeper than an active member of this community.  This year will be different!

I am looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the weekly prompts...Let’s have some fun and support one another in what I expect is all of our favorite past times…blogging

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January Photo a Day 2013:Two Things/Ready

Sometimes in life we get behind…Today I am trying to catch up with the January Photo a Day 2013 prompts…Day 16: Two Things and Day 17: Ready.

Two Things/Ready

Here are the daily prompts for the remainder of the month…just jump in and join the fun. Remember to tag your post with #fmsphotoaday so we can keep up with your posts.

18. Shadow: Find a shadow and shoot it. It could be your own, or a shadow of something else. Shadows look great with a black and white filter over the top {just sayin!}.
19. Delicious: What’s delicious to you? Is it the chubby cheeks of your toddler, the hunk at the gym or a cake you plan on eating for afternoon tea?
20. Something you saw: Go about your day with eyes wide open and take a photo of something you saw.
21. What you do: Do you go to school? Train elephants at the circus? Write at home? Play mum to your kids? Act as CEO to a big business? Paint in your spare time? Dance when no one is looking? Take a photo of what you do {something that makes you ‘you’} and share it.
22. Corner: It could be a sharp corner of a building, a corner of an artwork, a corner of your home or something else. Corners are everywhere. Shoot one.
23. Electric: This could be a simple photo of your toaster {but get creative} or something else electric.
24. Stripes: Look for stripes in your everyday. They could be in the zebra crossing on the road, or in your outfit or somewhere else.
25. Landscape: Step back and take a photo of a landscape near you. Or even take a little trip just for the photo. Would be nice to explore your town for a beautiful photo.
26. Together: There are many definitions for together. One is: In or into a single group, mass, or place. Take a photo of together, whichever definition you’d like to use.
27. Sun: Whether the sun is out in full force, or hiding behind the clouds today – take a photo of it. Or you could get creative and take a photo of sunlight or some other interpretation.
28. Through: Take a photo of looking through something – through the window, through the gate, through the trees… whatever you please.
29. Grow: People do it, plants do it too… get creative and take a photo of something that grows.
30. Down: Is it looking down or something that makes you feel down? Interpret it however you like.
31. Yourself: Take a photo of yourself. Or something that represents you.

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On the Floor…#photoadayjuly

At first glance todays photo prompt sounded like a piece of cake…As I scanned the floor for something to feature on todays #photoadayjuly feature I surprised to find that my floors lacked inspiration…there were a pair of my son’s shoes, my husbands camera bag, our dogs and lots of dust.  There were other less interesting things on the floor…there were rugs, towels, blankets, magazines, dog beds and dog bowls and my feet.  After looking around the house for something to share and snapping and deleting several pictures, I decided on this one…


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Fat Mum Slim is hosting a photo a day challenge for July…get on the train…but…Never…never…ever…go to the DMV office @ 1pm on a Friday…trust me!!! It’s day 2 of the challenge…and it’s Busy!

Here is the list of the daily prompts…jump in and join the fun! Be sure to tag your photos with #photoadayjuly so we can drop in and see whats happening in your life.

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Self Portrait…#photoadayjuly

Fat Mum Slim is hosting a picture a day challenge for the month of July…This could be just the thing I need to keep me focused through the heat of the summer.

Today is July 1st and our daily challenge is Self Portrait…


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There you have it…From A to Z!

A little R&R after completing the A to Z April Challenge!

This is the second year I have participated in the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge.  I thought it would be nice to do a little recap of my efforts…more for my own amusement than anything else. 

I saw alligators and smelled bluebonnets and ate cake from a cup.  Wednesday was delicate, Thursday was Excellent, Friday was Free and Saturday was full of Grace.  I found myself wishing I was here instead of there with simply irresistible junk.  As the month progressed, little by little I became mindful of marginNo more obscured views just pretty pale pink perfection and the quintessence of quiet. A soulful singer will R.I.P. and on Sunday we were blessed with tall tall trees to hold a hammock. An overflowing inbox screamed for me to unsubscibe to a variety of whatever was unnecessary and out of date.  The month has come to a close but not before being filled with yellow blooms and buzzing bees! There you have it…my A to Z!

A…Alligators…Louisiana swamps are full of Alligators

B…Bluebonnets …are as synonymous with Texas as Cowboy Boots and Stetson Hats!

C…Cake in a Cup …who figured this one out?

D…Wordless Wednesday…DelicateSlight and shapely; lovely; graceful; “a delicate creature.”

E…Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Excellent!!!…We are off to an excellent start here at the Suncreek Garden…

F…Music Moves Me: Free…and It’s My Free Friday!…Friday is my only day off…it’s my Free day! I am free to do what ever moves me…

G…The Gift of Grace…When I first believed and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I received a gift…The gift of Grace

H…Wishing I was Here!…Wishing I was back here…in this Hammock

I…Simply IrresistibleYou decide which is more irresistible

J…Girls Gone Junkin’…Gotta Git’cha Junk On!…There are girls who go to the flea market, and girls who go to yard sales


L…Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Little by Littlethe Suncreek Garden is coming alive…

M…Being Mindful of MarginMargin is the space between your load and your limit

N…NO…NO MORE…NO!… No…never…none…nothing… noway…No entry… No fair…no fun!

O…Two Subjects…Obscured!…How often is our view of life obscured by one view or another

P…Perfection…Pretty Pale Pink Perfection…

Q…Quintessence…Quintessence of Quiet

R…R.I.P….LEVON HELM…the weight of this life has been lifted

S…Sunday!!!…I couldn’t think of a better way to spend this past Sun…day afternoon!

T…Suncreek Garden Chronicles: Tall Tall Trees…wait those aren’t trees they’re tomatoes!!!

U…Need Balance? Unsubscribe!…Unsubscribe…really…I can do that?

V…Variegation…variegated…varietyMy flower beds are filled with a variety of day lilies and Amaryllis that were gifted to me by my Dad!

W…Whatever…is…Whatever…. anything or everything, no matter what…is,

X…Xel-Ha… The worlds largest aquarium…

Y…Mellow Yellow…For today’s post I have only shared the daylilys that are shades of yellow

Z…BuzzzZZZZZZ…..like a Bee!…Upon closer inspection…


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