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Holiday Home Tour Offers up a Vintage Americana Retro Christmas

This weekend is the Houston Heights Holiday Home Tour.  Each year the Heights Association hosts a holiday home tour featuring 6 area homes.  The homes vary in architectural style.  Each home is privately owned.  The homeowners open up their homes for 2 days and hundreds of people are allowed to meander through taking in each of the homes architectural style as well as the homeowners personal taste in home decor.

The first home we visited was a vintage time capsule and veritable treasure trove of vintage americana. This 2 bedroom cottage was built in 1920.  The homeowner is not only passionate about vintage americana but she is a collector in every sense of the word.  Her home is filled with coin-operated vending machines, mid-century home furnishings and Depression-era Fiesta dinnerware.

If you, like me love all things vintage then you would agree that this is the house to see on this years tour of homes.  From the large collection of vintage Christmas Americana including a large plastic nativity and a lighted angel choir to the working vintage coke machine in the kitchen to the Slender…eeze vibrating health lounger, this home has it going on.

Here is a little taste of the Holiday Home Tour  Vintage Americana Retro Christmas

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Celebrating my birth year…1961

flicker photo

It was 1961…

  • President Kennedy creates the Peace Corps
  • The Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is the first man to travel in to space
  • Alan Shepherd blasts into space for a 20 minute ride…the space race was on!
  • Coca-Cola introduces Sprite to compete with 7-Up
  • Ray Kroc buys out the McDonald brothers
  • Johnson and Johnson introduce Tylenol
  • The Yo-Yo becomes the newest craze
  • Ernest Hemingway commits suicide
  • West Side Story wins for Best Picture

Celebrity Birthdays for June 9;

  • Natalie Portman
  • Johnny Depp
  • Michael J Fox
  • Jon Lord
  • Les Paul
  • Jackie Wilson
  • Cole Porter

Well today was the Big day!  It came and went without too much attention, a lot like this post.  I received a card in the mail, numerous Facebook well wishes and a few text messages and a spattering of phone calls.  My mother recounted the ordeal of my birth. My Dad told me the same story he tells me every year.  My husband showered me with wonderful gifts and the sweetest card, the kind that tugs at your heart-strings.  This year I managed not to cry.  He also found the perfect humorous birthday card.


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