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It’s All In The Title…


I am as enamored with the life of the Royals as the next person…I watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di and I watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

However, I know little of the Royal family and their titles.  I get King and Queen, even Prince and Princess but after that…Who curtsey’s too whom?

The Queen of England has decreed that if  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, have a daughter she will be called Princess and not Lady…Read more here

I guess I was a little surprised when Prince William’s title changed from Prince to Duke after he married Kate.  So now I am wondering who curtseys’ to whom?

Does that mean that Kate will have to curtsy to her own children? As you can see from the list Prince and Princess carry a bit more weight than Duke and Duchess..

– King and Queen
– Royal Dukes
– Princes and Princesses
– Duke and Duchess
– Marquess and Marchioness
– Earl / Count and Countess
– Viscount and Viscountess
– Baron and Baroness
– Baronet and Baronetess
– Knight and Dame
– Honourary styles – Lord, Lady, Honourable

If you could choose a royal title of your own what would it be?  I think I would like to be called..Queen NOLA, Duchess of DIY,  Baroness of Blogging, Lady in waiting to be Freshly Pressed.


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A Southern Tradition…

Did you welcome in the New Year by eating a traditional meal of cabbage and black-eyed peas?  We went with the traditional meal and we added a side of good ol’  Texas comfort food, smothered steak.  So according to the old wives tale we are almost guaranteed that 2013 will be filled with comfort, luck and prosperity…Just to clarify

Comfort – contented well-being, satisfying or enjoyable experience

Luck – a force that brings good fortune, the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

Prosperity the condition of being successful or thriving; especially economic well-being



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New Plans for the New Year….

My friend over at Emjayandthem’s Blog has posed a few questions concerning the new year…In response to those questions….


In 2013 I would like to learn something new. I will definitely learn how to use my new camera and maybe learn to speak Creole French.  I would like to release the spirit living within me and become the person I was created to be; I want to be free to be ME…I want to go somewhere I have never been, Haiti or Nicaragua…I would like to change my schedule so it allows for more time investing in others and I would like to try reupholstering a couple of chairs that I picked up on one of my junking trips…

365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, 1 year…2013!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

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Louisiana Christmas Tradition…Lighting of the Bonfires

I have so many wonderful Christmas memories from my childhood in Louisiana…however, this particular memory is not specific to me or my family alone.  This memory is shared with thousands of South Louisiana Families.  It is the lighting of the Christmas Eve Levee Bonfires

Once few in number, the local bonfires were originally a neighborhood or family oriented activity. Now they line the levee for miles and attract thousands of visitors.  The event has had local and national television coverage and has been featured in metropolitan newspapers and magazinesThrough the years, there has been an intermingling of facts and fantasies concerning the origin of the bonfire tradition.

One of the more recent and increasingly popular explanations is that the bonfires were a “Cajun tradition”, first used to light the way for “Papa Noel”, the Cajun version of Santa Claus. This charming version, although improbable, has been depicted annually in front of a Paulina, LA business establishment where a levee scene shows “Papa Noel” with his pirogue drawn by alligators named Gaston, Ninette, “Te-Boy”, Celeste, Suzette, etc.

The building of the each bonfire takes dozens of individuals and weeks to assemble.  There is an official announcement made around 7pm on Christmas Eve giving the go ahead to light the bonfires which happens simultaneously.  The bonfires light up the Mississippi River and burn for hours and some will burn into the wee hours of Christmas morning.  Friends and family gather together to wait and watch for Papa Noel to make his way along the river making his deliveries to all of the good little children. 

I hope this YouTube video will give you a glimpse into the Louisiana Christmas Tradition…Lighting of the Bonfires!  Joyeux Noel!!!

Information gathered from St James Parish home page.


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