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A-Z Archive: D! Challenge…Decisions

A-Z Archive: D! Challenge…Decisions

A-Z Archive: D! Challenge...Decisions

 These are traffic signs in the Houston Medical Center…if you make the wrong decision you could end up in one the many hospitals in the Houston Medical Center.

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G O V O T E !!!

As  an American Citizen you have the privilege and responsibility to VOTE!

You have a voice and the election process is the way you can make your voice heard.

Why wouldn’t you VOTE?

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our unconvential convential home…and its opportunities for adjustment

As you many know we recently moved into our new home.  My husband and I made every single decision throughout the process.  Good or Bad we can only point the proverbial finger at one another. 

There were long drawn out thoughtful decisions.  There were decisions made on the fly.  There were decisions made with a singular thought in mind.  Which now that we are moved in have created what I like to call, opportunities for adjustment. 

First up on the list is our open concept game room.  We didn’t want the game room/man cave to be shut off from the rest of the house as it is already located down the back hallway.  So we decided to leave the room open, no door.  There is a little bit more to it than just no door.  But for simplicity sake, trust me, it’s open.  The challenge comes when my husband cranks up the blu-ray player and surround sound extraordinaire and the sound fills the entire house.  Kinda wishing we had thought a little more about the DOOR. 

Our second challenge is the sitting area in the kitchen.  Let me just say this is not a problem at all for me as I am not much on watching TV.  However, my husband likes to have the TV on at all times and of course this means he needs to be able to see it.  The sitting area in the kitchen was designed to be an intimate conversation area.  I did not realize that we would gather there to eat as much as we have since moving in.  The TV is not visible from this area. (smiling) 


The third challenge is more of the visual aesthetic kind.  The living and dining area is one large room.  I absolutely love this room!  The dining room has me a bit perplexed with the placement of the furniture.  Our Builder has built us a beautiful home.  The crown molding with little “birdhouse” type finials in the corners, double ceiling tray over the dining room table, eye lights for the artwork.  However,  I didn’t own the dining room furniture when the house designs were drawn up and I didn’t think through the placement of the eye lights in relation to the chandelier.  I now have furniture and lighting that are at odds with one another.  My challenge is to make it all work without having the electrician come in and move the eye lights which of course does not address the entire challenge.  So I have taken the designer challenge and set the dining room table at an angle.  We are having friends over this evening for a little dinner/birthday celebration.  Can hardly wait to get feedback from my peers. 

Tell me what you think of our un-conventional choices in our otherwise conventional home.

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Color me PINK…for the warriors, survivors, fallen and families…I Love It!!!


It’s October and that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So in honor of the women and men (oh yes, men get breast cancer) who have fought the fight I am posting a few of my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness images and posts from the web.  Also, I have changed my blog page to the pink-est layout I could find.  I think it’s beautiful!!! and I Love It!!!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month the White House has been flooded in PINK light.  Love it!!! 

I am a regular on facebook and when I saw that my friend Irene had re-posted this very cute and creative Breast Cancer Awareness thread I just had to include it…I love it!!!

A Friend posted this, so I thought Id share it also:Fake(+)(+) Perfect (o)(o) Perky (*)(*) Cold (^)(^) and even Grandma’s \./\./ and Big ( o )( o ) or small (.)(.) Save them all! Repost for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

The ladies featured in this video are my cousins.  They are incredibly strong and courageous women and I am so proud of them for sharing their story.  I hope you will take the time to read their story, the life it saves may be yours or someone you love..I love it!!!

2theadvocate.com is the authority on current news and information on Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Produced by The Advocate and WBRZ News 2.

Origianl Art by my cousin, used with her permission.  Thanks DeeDee!!! I LOVE IT!!!


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does facebook have an expiration date?…

I really enjoy the social aspect of Facebook, feeling connected with my friends even though I don’t see them very often.  It has also been a great tool to reconnect with my family and friends that are scattered across the United States.

 When I discovered Facebook a couple of years ago, I jumped in with both feet.  I set up my account, started collecting friends and farming.  Yes I know, farming, but it was all very social.  I would meet up with my friends on the farm and we would plant and harvest and chat. And I do mean chat like we were sitting in the same room with one another or talking on the phone. 

Then the farming became more of a chore than a social event and my Facebook friends moved on to other games and I didn’t.

In the beginning it seemed as though everyone was online, posting their every move, commenting on everyone else’s posts and playing games and sending game gifts.  Then ever so slowly the newness began to wear off and the majority of my status updates were tied to the games.  So I began hiding the games and now when I log on to my FB page I will have 300+ updates,but it actually ends up only being about 10 or 12 posts and the rest are the hidden games.

Now a days it seems the FB craze is to get people to re-post this or that post, which I refuse to do.  I also don’t “like” random organizations.  So I asked my self…What am I doing here on Facebook? 

So the other day…I logged onto my FB page and my friends weren’t on-line and there had only been a couple of updates and I felt like what’s the point.  Then I thought maybe, just maybe Facebook had run its course for me.  Some of my FB friends are feeling the same way but admit to being “addicted” and therefore would not be able to walk away.  And then there are other FB friends who are just getting “hooked” on the FB phenom.  But I am still pondering whether or not…Facebook has reached its expiration date for this girl…

Then I began to think about what it would be like to “log off”  and walk away.  So over the last few days I have really paid attention to the “real” posts.  And what I would have missed out on if I had “logged off”. 

I wouldn’t have known it was Jane’s birthday or that Derek’s son successfully launched his rocket.  I wouldn’t have know that Joshua’s wife makes world-famous Gumbo or that Tammy has a nutritional counseling page.  I would have missed the pictures of Lucia at boot camp and our friends on the cruise.  I would have missed the exasperation my friends were feeling over their favorite football teams.  And I would have missed reading about my cousin moving her family to New Zealand or another cousin who has an appointment with the oncologist.    And of course I wouldn’t have know how the planning is going for my sisters’s big Halloween bash, and another sister is feeling under the weather and baby sister is really enjoying the colder temperatures where she lives. 

So when I look at whether or not FB has reached an expiration date for this girl…I have to say that would be a GREAT BIG NO!!! I am social by nature and I have to admit that FB has been a great resource for me and has really catered to my inherent need to be with people… I love keeping up with everyone and feeling like I am a part of their daily lives even if it is only through my computer screen…


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city girl, country living….

I have lived my entire life in the city.  I grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans and have lived the past 25 years in and around Houston.  I have never lived more than 10 minutes from a major grocery store or big box store.  For the past 13 years the community we called home was less than 20 miles from downtown Houston and on a clear day you could see the skyline.  But all that has changed. 

This city girl has gone country.  The nearest town of any considerable size is 12 miles away.  The only “store” is a gas station convenience store, which is 4 miles from our home.  If I am going to drive 4 miles why not just go the extra 8?  What I have realized is that I am going to have to be a better planner when it comes to shopping and errands.  Today is that day.

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on the move…literally

If you have been stopping by for any length of time you know that we have been in the midst of building our new home.  Well the building process is complete.  The papers have been signed.  The checks have been written.  The truck has been loaded and then un-loaded.  We have officially, MOVED!

We are in the process of getting familiar with our new surroundings.  As well, as trying to determine the best place to drop our personal belongings when we come through the door.  So that when we leave again, we can grab them and go. 

We are un-packing the multitude of boxes that we deemed necessary to pack up and bring with us to our new home.  So we…,move a box, un-pack a box, wash what was in the box, find a place for what was in the box, breakdown the box and begin again. 

As the boxes are emptied the house is filling up and our new house is beginning to feel like HOME!!!


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from the ground up…decisions, decisions and then more of the same….

It all started with a dream.  My husband wanted acreage and I wanted a neighborhood.  He found 2 beautiful acres in a newly developed farm style community.  We prayed about the decision to buy the land and build our dream home.  God threw open the doors and the windows.  We moved forward. 

We took a piece of God’s green earth and shaped and contoured it and laid a sturdy foundation on solid ground.  We have asked the Lord’s Blessing over each decision and every step of the way.  He has guided us through and has given us our hearts desire.  And along the way we learned a multitude of lessons, strengthened our marriage and helped us to appreciate all that we have. 

If you have never had the “joy” of building a new home let me tell you there are moments and days when you think “what in the world have I done”.  Some decisions are easy to make without a second thought.  Some decisions consume you for days and maybe weeks on end. 

My husband hast he gift of organization and has handled all of the decisions concerning the structure, power, water, sewer, flatwork as well as talking with the builder on a daily basis.  I have the gift of hospitality.  I enjoy creating a warm and welcome feeling in our home.   I have had the pleasure of making all of the interior decor decisions.

After each set of decisions I would proudly lay everything out for my husband to see.  I would point out this is the wall color, this is the ceiling and this is the trim.  He would look at it, smile, and say “looks good”.  However, each time I got the feeling he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing.  I would go through this ritual after each set of decisions.  Each time with the same result.  It wasn’t until the flooring was installed that he finally “got it”.  He could see it all coming together. 

While he has been planning the shape and grade of the driveway and yard, I have been pondering other things.  Where will I hang that 5′ wood frame mirror?  Fireplace with or without a mantle?  Drapes, roman shades, shutters or blinds?  Should there be a rug under the fooseball table?  Is the table for the kitchen too small?  Where am I going to put the country french sofa table?  Should I go with white bedding or a color?  Which color? How should I place the furniture in the guest room?   Decision after decision after decision… 

God allowed us to use the gifts he blessed us with to pull this incredible project together.  “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me” Matthew 19:26

In about a week all of the decisions will come together… I can hardly wait to see it….from the ground up!


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survival of the fittest…that’s our motto

This is my inspiration picture, I can only hope that our landscaping will somewhat resemble this beautiful  and thoughtful layout.

As much as I would like to think of myself as a gardener, I am not.  I am more of a garden observer.  I appreciate the hard work it takes to create a beautiful garden.  However, I have never been able to see the garden through the extreme summer months of Texas.  As the mercury rises on the temperature gauge and the flowers begin to fade so do I. 

 As my husband I began to discuss the landscaping options for our new home.  We realized there was a common theme emerging.  Survival of the fittest…drought tolerant, poor soil conditions, and general neglect.  If we could find plants that could survive these conditions we would have a perfectly landscaped yard. Maybe even yard of the month!  Ya’ think? 

There were big decisions that had to be made before a plan could be made…perrenials or annuals…shrubs or trees…ornamental or fruit producing…we met with the Landscaper and owner of PomPom Nursery and had a meeting of the minds.  We let Phillipe know what we were thinking; a rock wall to limit the erosion, low maintenance plants and the basic design.  Phillipe let us know he will do whatever it takes to create a beautifully landscaped front entrance.  We realize that “whatever it takes” comes with a price tag.  We divided up the list of materials that would be needed.  We would purchase the stones for the rock wall and some of the specific plants and trees we desired and Phillipe would take care of the rest. 

On Labor Day, my husband and I hooked up the trailer and headed off to the Garden Center.  The Garden Center was advertising a 70% off sale.  At these prices we can afford a bit of trial and error.  

 As we headed into the Garden Center, I had a note pad and pen handy so I could jot down the prices and my trusty Texas Home Landscaping book for quick reference.  

We walked down isle after isle selecting plants such as; variegated Pittosporum, Rosemary bushes, Firecracker bushes, Texas Sage, Indian Hawthorne, Nandina,Larapedlum, Caladium, Croton, Ornamental grass, Agapanthus, Gardenia, Variegated Flax, Vinca and Asparagus Fern,  thirty-nine plants in all.  And all for $200.00!  I am going back for more!

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here we go….again…

 29 weeks ago we put our house on the market.

25 weeks ago we accepted an offer on our house.

23 weeks ago we closed on our house and signed a contract to build a new one.

22 weeks ago I packed up the stuff our family had accumulated over the previous 12 years and it was hauled off to the storage facility.

20 weeks ago we moved into our 26′ travel trailer. 

In the past 19 weeks our builder, Peltier Builders,  and his team made sure; the piers were drilled, the foundation was poured, the framing was erected, the roof was raised and the house was dried in.  There were plumbers, electricians, sheetrockers and painters from floor to ceiling.  The cabinets were stained, granite was expertly placed, the  lighting fixtures were hung with much care and the tile was laid with precision.  The doors were installed, the hardware was attached and the power was turned on.  The flooring was laid front to back, the house was cleaned, the driveway was shaped and the landscaping has been planned.   The painters, plumbers and electiricians will give the house a once over and then…

In two weeks we will complete the move we started all those weeks ago.

We will sign a contract.  The truck will be rented.  The boxes will be loaded. 

And then the un-packing will begin.


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