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Putting Away Christmas….


Maybe you are like me and you need a little help putting away your Christmas decorations…Every year I tell myself, “Self…this is the year we are going to organize the Christmas decorations as we put them away”…I also have had grand visions of actually putting the containers away in a manner that allows me to easily access the things I need first, then second…you get the idea.  Year after year I have grand plans but no real plan in place.

If you are in need of a plan of attack visit Putting Away Christmas” over at Just Organized, they have a plan and it looks like a good one.  I also want to give credit where credit is due…I actually saw this link on the Happy Housewife blog…Check her out for some great posts on simple living, Organizing in 365 and diy…I wish you JOY while putting away Christmas!

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Looking forward….

To decorating for the holidays! Where did you think I was going with that…not on your life.

I would like to share a few ideas that I am planning on scattering around the house this holiday season…first something to snack on…


Click here for the yummy recipe…

My husband picked up a couple of old bird-cages on the side of the road.  I plan to paint them black and I hope they turn half as nice as these, minus the black ravens of course.


Our guests will most likely be greeted by this guy…


Here is the inspiration for my mantle…except I don’t have a mantle but I do have a hearth so use your imagination…


I am also planning to wrap a few gifts…I really like this combination of textures and materials…


Then there is always time for Christmas Kiss and Photo…



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Christmas is..

Christmas Is...Memories

I was talking with my sister the other day and she was sharing a few memories from one of her first Christmas’ spent living away from home.  She shared with me how when she puts up one of her Christmas trees it reminds her of a Christmas long ago and far away.  Our conversation got me thinking about things…like what Christmas is and isn’t. 

Christmas is not… only about a big tree loaded down with expensive store-bought ornaments.  It is not only about what you can buy at the big box store. It’s not even how many gifts are wrapped up and nestled under the tree.  It’s not about decorating your house to look like Christmas exploded on your front lawn..  It’s not about parties, presents or plates piled high with pastries…Christmas is not a lot of things.

Christmas Is...Memories

But Christmas is…about the memories of Christmas’ past that come flooding back when you begin unpacking boxes of  old ornaments collected over the years.  It’s the memories that are attached to a special ornament or two that make you feel a bit melancholy or nostalgic.  For me it’s the hand embroidered ornaments made by my Mom when she was recovering from back surgery. The detail is incredible, the colors are still vibrant after all these years and they remind me of how much she loves her family.    I also have a few handmade ornaments from my sisters and mom that bring a smile to my face every year when I unwrap them and hang them on the tree.  When I hold these ornaments in my hand and look at them it’s almost as if they are right here with me in the moment.

Christmas Is...Memories

For my sister her memories are attached to a box of $1 store ornaments that remind her of her first Christmas starting out as a family and funds were tight. The ornaments remind her that the joy on Christmas Day does not come with an expensive price tag…she remembers a Christmas when the toys purchased at the general store brought the same kind of joy to her childs face on Christmas morning just as if they had come from an expensive retailer. When my sister was unpacking her special ornaments she was also reminded of a wonderfully happy day spent in 4 story mall where all the shopping that was done was window shopping because that’s what they could afford.   These special ornaments also reminded her of coming home to find a box of groceries on the front porch complete with everything for Christmas Dinner and how a tradition of sharing Holiday meals with Friends began…

Unpacking ornaments is a great way for us to unpack the memories of what Christmas is really all about…making memories with loved ones that can carry us through the coming year.

Christmas Is....Memories

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My Christmas Sideboard

This year my husband I decided we would decorate with our existing decorations.  We have boxes and boxes of decorations that we have collected over the years. We also have a wonderful variety of everyday objects we have collected that can easily be incorporated into our holiday decor.  I decided to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that to decorate my Christmas sideboard.

A little greenery!  I purchased this pre-lit winter garland several years ago.  For a couple of years it graced our fireplace mantel.  Then for a couple of years it welcomed friends and family as it hung over our front door.  Now the garland has landed on our dining room sideboard.  I am so thankful the lights are still working!

A little bit of glass! A couple of vintage birds have landed on the Christmas Sideboard along with a sugar bowl and a couple of vintage dessert cups.

A little sparkle!  Glittery pinecones, crystal snowflakes, a large mercury glass ornament that has lost its hanger and a yard find birdcage.

The decor was missing something until I saw the crystal cake stand in the panty and the glittery butterflies landed on the birdcage.  Then Voila a beautiful Christmas sideboard was laid out without purchasing so much as a pine cone.

I am linking up with Hooked on Holiday House Tours over at Hooked on Houses….


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Our Christmas Tree Up Close…

Well it took a week to get the tree decorated.  It is layers and layers of lights and decorations.  Here are few pictures of our tree up close.

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Our tree up close.. is a wonderful combination of old and new, handmade and store-bought ornaments. There are primitive hand cut metal crosses and sparkly glass beads.  There are mercury glass ornaments and a collection of ornaments gathered from our vacations.  There are silver pheasants perched on the branches as well as hand blown red glass baubles tucked in here and there.  There are little fuzzy orbs on sticks that look like they are from “Horton Hears a Who”.  It is a very eclectic tree…its a lot like me…I hope you enjoy our up close tree.

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Happy Christmas….

Wishing you a Joyfully Merry, Happy Christmas!

Picture posted on city-data.com in 2008.

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Oh Christmas Tree…decoratioins

A few weeks back, I was checking out the blog over at The French Flea and the girls were designing vignettes around a natural white Christmas theme.  It didn’t take long for my mind to start to spin out of control and lay a plan for my own white Christmas theme.  As I began to unpack and sort through our  Christmas decorations it was obvious that I would be ablt to pull this off without purchasing additional ornaments. 

However, I did purchase a handful a white poinsettia and several strings of new lights to add to the lights we already have.  Our beautiful tree began to take shape as the tulle was nestled deep into the tree to help reflect the lights.  The lights were wrapped around the branches and the poinsettia were tucked into the tree.  Next the oversized ornaments were strategically placed to fill the larger spaces.  Then layer by layer the ornaments were hung on the branches.  I sprinkled a few natural elements through out as well as my favorite handmade ornaments

Then I decided our beautiful monochromatic tree needed a little pop of color.  I chose RED!!!  Just a little touch here and there.  Then I wrapped the tree with red glitter garland. 

The tree looks beautiful!  If I were to stop right now and not add another single ornament it would be perfect.  But, I can’t help myself!!!  I know I have some chandelier crystals that would be the finishing touch for the tree, if I can just find where I put them.   Oh yes, and the perfect new tree topper.  Then I will be finished!  Maybe.


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