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(d) is for decorating (a-z challenge)

I enJOY making things look pretty!  Decorating our home or the bookstore that I manage or simply arranging the buffet line in the church cafe gives me a great sense of accomplishment and JOY!  It is my happy place!!!

This past weekend my husband and I hosted a birthday party for his mother.  She celebrated her 75th (B)irthday

  I had the pleasure of spending time in the kitchen with my Mom prepping and cooking the appetizers and desserts for the party.

  While my mom was whipping up the italian creme birthday cake, carrot cake cupcakes, oatmeal cranberry cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries. I was working on the crunchy veggie dip, texas caviar and antipasta salad.  

 When all of the food was ready I was able to focus on the one thing I have a knack for… decorating.


I have linked up with Tossing it Out who is hosting the Blogging from A-Z April Blogging Challenge.  It’s a post a day for the month of April excluding Sundays.  You can learn more about it by clicking on the “A-Z Button” in the right side bar. 

I am linking up with Tablescape Thursday hosted by Naps on the Porch


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my blogging spot…and it’s friday

When I began blogging back in March, I was living in a 26′ travel trailer while our new home was being built.  My options were very limited when it came to carving out a place to blog.  There was the table in the camper or the table outside the camper.  Which the later wasn’t really a choice because I live in south Texas where the temperature in the summer starts out in the 80’s and usually reaches the high 90’s by the afternoon. Not to mention having to fend off the incredibly aggressive mosquitos which I have yet to discover their life’s purpose. 

Well, we have moved into our new house and I am in search of my perfect blogging spot.  I have tried the sitting area in the kitchen.  Which is officially my favorite spot in the house.  My inspiration for this area was HGTV Dream Home 2006 eat-in seating area in the kitchen.  The chairs are inviting, they afford you room to curl up and enjoy your favorite blogging beverage.  However I can not enjoy the comfy chairs while bent over the keyboard on the table.  Great spot but not so much for blogging.   

I have tried the living room with its super comfy sofa with down filled cushions and pillows.  Great spot!  However, the sofa is so incredibly comfortable I find myself sitting there for hours.  This is a great late night blogging spot after everyone has gone off to bed and it’s just me and my thoughts and their isn’t anything left to do at the end of the day.

Today, I am sitting at a wonderful table/desk looking out the back window.  This spot has a great view!  The table is just the right height!  The lighting is great with no glare on the computer screen!  The desk offers ample storage for my “idea” book, pens and reading glasses.   However, the chair…let’s just say it in no way resembles the comfort of the previously mentioned blogging spots.  This could require a search for the perfect blogging chair and a blog of its own.  (Have a mentioned I have a bit of a thing for chairs?)  I just love a great segue!

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