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Where have my Subscription Posts Gone?

Where have my subscription posts gone? google image

Where have my subscription posts gone? Did I miss a WordPress Daily Challenge to NOT blog?  Ridiculous!   Did all of my blogging buddies take a Cruise? Vacation? Sabbatical? Retire? Go Fishing? Possibly.  But even if they did they would be blogging about it.  Something is amiss.  The posts of the blogs I follow are not updating.   It all began about the time Hurricane Lee arrived on the East Coast.  So at first I thought it was storm related.  After evaluating the situation and looking at the bloggers I follow and where they reside in the world I decided it was definitely not related to the storm. 

After much thought and initial denial I have come to the conclusion that my blog has a bug.  It is the strangest thing this blog bug I’ve contracted.  Here are the symptoms:

  • Blog Buddy Post Withdrawals
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Delayed Gratification
  • Double Vision
  • Email Inbox Bloating

Self medication only made matters worse. 

Here’s what’s been happening:

Over 2 weeks ago your daily posts stopped appearing under my follow tab.  I had no way of keeping up with my blogging buddies.  I decided to change the email notification from never to instantly.  And instantly each of your subscriptions doubled in the “blogs I follow” list.  Then as some of the posts began to show up(several hours after they were posted and some not at all) under the follow tab they were doubled.  There were two of every post!  So I decided to delete one of the subscriptions and Voila you were gone again…So I started the process all over.  I would go to each of your blogs and re-follow hoping that because I was starting from scratch the problem would correct itself.  Well here I am today a year and half into blogging and I am rebuilding my blog list  by going from blog to blog re-following you one more time. 

It seems as though there are bloggers who have experienced similar problems and their issues have been corrected.  I am still waiting…So I wanted to apologize for what may look like you have a crazy deranged blog stalker visiting and following your blog over and over again. 

I promise to seek some professional help from a friendly blogologist to help me overcome my many blog bug afflictions.


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