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Falling back into Autumn

Fall Time google image

Summer is officially over!  Today is the first day of the new season and I am excitedly anticipating falling back into Autumn.    The autumnal equinox is the day when the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun.  This is the beginning of shorter days, cooler temperatures, falling leaves, campfires, friends over for dinner on the patio and cozier evenings.   

 It is the time when the bright vibrant colors of summer begin to give way to the bolder warmer tones of autumn.  The warm summer days bow out and allow the slightly cooler temperatures to take center stage. This is the time of year that beckons me to enjoy my morning coffee on the front porch.  To breathe in the fresh cool morning air.  It is a refreshing time especially after the record temperatures this past summer.  The landscape begins to change ever so slowly revealing things that have been hidden by the leaf covered trees and vines.  What new surprises are waiting? 

Falling into Autumn at the Fall Festival

It’s the beginning of the fall festival season, pumpkin patches, barbecue cook offs, county fairs and football.  It is the beginning of sweater season and wrapping up in snuggly time-worn quilts. 

Autumn is when the birds return from wherever they have spent the summer; blue birds, cardinals, hummingbirds, blue jays and woodpeckers to name a few.  Also, dozens of deer will begin to move around the area.  Some will have their offspring in tow, some will just be showing off in general trying to attract a little personal attention.  Oh and yes the feral hogs will be back…rooting up the yard and being a general nuisance to the neighborhood. 

Autumn is a slower time of the year, it’s a time when I tend to linger a little longer when walking the dogs.  It is the time of the year when I enjoy eating my lunch sitting on a bench with the warm sunshine on my shoulders and the cool breeze at my back.   It’s the time of year I enjoy the smell of chili or gumbo simmering on the stove while the autumn breeze gently blows through the open windows of the house.  It’s the time of year when it feels as though the leaves on the trees are speaking to my soul and the wind is wrapping its arms around me as if to say “where have you been?”.  I have missed you!  That is exactly the way I feel about Falling back into AutumnWhere have you been?  I have missed you!  Welcome Home!

Falling Back into Autumn with a Cinnamon Latte


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