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First Dance of Fall…

Welcome Fall! I have missed you my dearest friend.  It’s not so much as I wake up everyday thinking how much I miss you, as it is the moment you return I remember there was something missing.


It’s Fall, y’all….

Yesterday, I could feel you were on your way. There was something distinct in the air…it was the slightest hint of falling leaves, freshly stacked hay bales, warm pumpkin bread smeared with soft cream cheese, the smokey remnants of a wood fire and a lift of my spirits.

This morning, the air is again filled with summer sounds and the coolness of yesterday has been replaced by the heat and humidity that has weighed me down for what always feels like an eternity by the end of the summer.

However, as I sit here this morning looking out into the lush landscape that the warm and wet summer has produced I can see you circling through the trees calling the bravest of the leaves to come and join you in the first dance of Fall.



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Welcome Fall…

It’s time to open the windows, toss warm cozy throws over the backs of chairs, sweep off the patio and invite friends and family to stop by and Welcome Fall….


The fall season is an experience for the senses…the explosion of red and orange colors, delightfully cooler temperatures and the warm comforting foods made with nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.


I absolutely love having fresh flowers around the house…year round.  It’s one of the easiest ways to add a smile to your decor. And it’s so easy…grab a seasonal bouquet from your local store, dust off an old mason jar, dollar store vase or in this case I used a trifle bowl.  Add something unusual to the mix and voila…a pretty little piece of happiness.


When the seasons change I take the opportunity to rearrange a few of my favorite things and give little nooks and corners a fresh look. This table sits in my morning room…I have tucked my small collection of crocks under the table. On top of the table I have arranged a few of my most recent purchases; a vintage egg crate and egg scale and a collection of vintage seltzer bottles.  I added the back of a sweet little antique chair as a back drop for the whimsical fall floral arrangement.


…Surprisingly simple and fun to make.


Fall seems to be synonymous with all things pumpkin spice, or least that is what my little sister has convinced me of through her daily postings of all things pumpkin.  Then of course there is the never ending barrage of all things pumpkin that show up daily in my inbox and news feeds.  So, I gave in…the cookies are good but for the record I prefer pumpkin bread smothered with cream cheese.


…The cooler Fall temperatures are a welcome change from the dog days of the southeast Texas summer.  In this part of Texas the Fall colors are minimal…on a good day we may see a splash of red or orange from the Chinese tallow tree or a splash of salmon from the occasional rain tree.  Our backyard space is perfect for spending time alone relaxing in the hammock, snuggled up in front of the fireplace with my personal fire-man or dancing the night away under the stars with close friends.  What ever the occasion adding a few fall touches adds a level of warmth.


Welcome Fall…Y’all!

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Fall Festivities…Farmers Market…The Great Pumpkin Heist

The arrival of pumpkins should naturally coincide with cooler temperatures.  Right? Well here in coastal Texas the arrival of pumpkins usually means we can expect at least 6 more weeks of record high temperatures…..but record high temperatures could not deter this NOLAgirl from her annual trek to the farmers market for the great pumpkin heist.

Farmers Market

Of course you can buy your pumpkins and gourds from your local grocer or big box store especially if your only going to buy one or two.  But there is something magical about the visual appeal of these multi colored, lumpy bumpy not quite round orbs that makes it impossible for me to limit my purchase…

Cinderella Pumpkins

My husband and I are regular patrons of local farmers markets…we shop local every chance we get. Most of the markets we stumble on during our travels have an average of two to three dozen vendors.  The vendors are selling everything from free range chicken eggs, beautiful cut flowers, homemade sweets and of course a variety of locally grown fruits and veggies.  Occasionally, there will be a local grass fed meat supplier. And my personal favorite local honey and goat cheese…But this trip is all about the pumpkins!

Pumpkins galore

Of course there must be some restraint…either based on the available budget or the available space for transportation…No matter which…both were completely exhausted. Here’s to another year and a very successful GREAT PUMPKIN HEIST!!!


Are you wondering what I’m going to do with all of the pumpkins from my trip to the farmers market.….stick around!!!

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Photo a Day…

A cord that binds…


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new beginnings…


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October 22, 2013 · 9:12 pm


I have often wondered when did we go crazy for cupcakes?  Personally I have been enjoying cupcakes since my Mom packed that adorable Hostess chocolate cupcake with the signature white squiggle in my lunch box.  But cupcakes are far from being a new treat…Cupcakes have been around since 1796.

Cupcakes became popular in the early 2000’s after Magnolia Bakery in New York was featured in “Sex and the City.”  Thanks to Carrie and Miranda we have been swept up in a cupcake whirlwind for over a decade…Cupcake are everywhere…their are cupcake shoppes, cupcake trucks, cupcake wars, and cupcake wedding cakes .

I love the entire cupcake experience…from walking into the bakery, standing in front of the display case,  imagining each flavor combination, visually devouring each cupcake, thinking of each of my guests and what they might enjoy and of course choosing a couple extras so that there will be leftovers.

Here are a couple of my choices from my last visit to our local cupcake shop…Rise!  Wicked Spice Cupcakes, cinnamon and spice cake brushed with butter, dipped in cinnamon sugar topped with cinnamon buttercream….They were the perfect compliment to our weekly gathering of friends.



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Truck loads of pumpkins have arrived at the farmers market…and so has Fall if only in the spirit of the season. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will follow…



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Craving A Change….

It’s that time of year when the summer heat has finally worn out it’s welcome…the temperatures are only in the 90’s and according to the weatherman we are experiencing a cool front.  Well Mr. Weatherman I am not convinced…but your optimistic attitude has left me craving a change


“There are only two seasons in Texas…Football and Not Football!!!” unknown football fan


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Homegrown Fall Gardening…

Homegrown Fall Gardening

This is our first attempt at a fall garden.  We planted greens, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  We also re-planted a couple of our favorite summer veggies to see how they would do.  The first freeze rolled in last week so the Hubs covered the summer veggies with plastic and made a make shift green house.  When the temperatures began to creep back up as they do down here in Southeast Texas the plastic was pulled back to reveal a beautiful homegrown fall harvest.

Homegrown Fall Gardening

This is summer squash also known as patty pan and arugula.

Homegrown Fall Gardening

A bowl of lettuce; green leaf, butter lettuce and romaine.

Homegrown Fall Gardening

Sweet Satsuma…our Homegrown Fall Garden harvest.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Fall

The first signs that Fall has arrived in Southeast Texas are not the cooler temperatures or the leaves falling from the trees.  Our first sign that Fall has arrived are the enormous bins of pumpkins that appear overnight at the local grocer or produce stand. 

Muskee de Provence

These particular pumpkins are referred to as Cinderella Pumpkins.  They come in a variety of colors; the orange and green shown here, light blue and green as well as striped.  Pumpkins with this shape are also known as heirloom pumpkins and are wonderful addition to a fall harvest display(shameless foreshadowing).

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion” Henry David Thoreau

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