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Blurred vision…

Well folks thats wrap. All of the tine we spent  planning, purchasing, prepping, decorating, wrapping, cooking and anticipating Christmas Day….

And just like that…its over! Christmas 2016 and all of its merriment comes down to a little blurred vision.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Hand me downs…

If you are anything like me you know something about hand me downs…hand me down clothes, shoes and cars. Maybe you have been the recipient of hand me down furniture. 

For some reason the phrase “hand ne down” carries the stigma of being less than…

However, when I think of ” hand me downs” I think of the flowes in my garden that my Dad handed down to me. I think of family recipes, especially the recipes I make for the holidays.  

Tonight while I was making one of those hand me down holiday recipes my husband took a close up picture of me scooping the candy onto the wax paper. And that’s when I knew I had received the ultimate hand me down…My Mother’s hands.  

My hands look just like my mom’s. They are small but not too small. They are strong but not as strong as they use to be.  They are showing signs of aging but they can still take care of the people they love. 

 As it is with all things in life…your perception of life’s hand me downs will determine your over all outlook on life. 

Embrace the hand me downs in your life.

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My mom has been called names all of her life…


A daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, chef, baker, seamstress, artist, friend…

But her legacy is not so much in who she is as it is in who she has inspired. Her legacy is here…


All of who she is, is spread out among her girls. Each of us shares one or more of the names she has been known as in her life. We are each one our mother made over into a new version meant to carry on her legacy and hopefully leave a legacy of our own.  Thank you mom for inspiring each of us to be the best daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, chef’s, bakers, seamstresses, artists and friends we can be.

Happy Mothers Day !

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2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…3/52: Gratitude


It’s easy to get caught up in all of the negativity that surrounds us everyday…all it takes is for one person to start complaining about the weather or the boss or the paint color on the wall and more than likely the person standing next to them will join in…It’s easier to go with the flow even if we know it’s going to take us down a dark hole…negativity breeds negativity.  It’s time to swim up-stream…choose to live a grateful life.

Choose to focus on what you have in life instead of what you don’t have.  Start noticing and listing the things you are grateful for.  Include things you normally take for granted.  We often take for granted the very things that make life worth living.  Good Health, a warm coat, good friends, a hot cup of coffee, being greeted at the door by an overly excited furry friend or a car that starts when we turn the key.

Let 2014 be a year filled with gratitude…be the silver lining in the cloudy day…Retrain your mind to look for the good in every situation.

In general grateful people are happier, healthier and less stressed.

Here are a few things I am grateful for…

good day in the garden 013

I am grateful for our garden that provides good things for us to eat and my hat that keeps the sun off of my face…


I am grateful for my husband who makes me laugh everyday even when I don’t want to.


I am grateful for sunny days, shady spots and fresh cut grass.

photo (55)

I am grateful for the beautiful flowers that grow in my garden, they remind me to slow down and enjoy the moments that make up life.

photo (64)

I am grateful for sweet treats, especially the wonderful creamy concoction known as gelato.

What will you be grateful for this year?

Be sure to use the #NolaGirl52weekchallenge so everyone who is playing along can follow you and see your photos.

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Great Relationships Don’t Just Happen…

My husband and I celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary this year.  We are a happily married couple…we enjoy spending time with one another and away from one another. 

We are committed to our relationship, our family and one another.  Through the years there have been cloudy days and thorn bushes but we have stayed the course and now we are enjoying sunshine and roses.

Great relationships don’t just happen…they require time and attention much like a well-attended garden.  An unattended garden develops weeds that can ultimately kill even the heartiest plants. 

Treat your marriage like the prized garden that it is…pull the weeds as they pop up, check for creepy crawlers that can cause irritations, fertilize the roots and water regularly.  The quality time you spend tending your garden will result in a beautiful display of love and commitment.


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One Day He Needed Me Less…

In the beginning one of us needed the other more…However, even to this day it is debatable who that was…

One day he needed me to feed him and tie his shoes and then he learned to do those things for himself and he needed me less.

One day he asked me to tuck him and sing him a song because he was afraid of the dark and then he overcame his fear and he needed me less.

One day he asked me to play his favorite movie for him and then he knew more about computers than me and he needed me less.

One day he asked me to read to him and then he read to me and he needed me less.

One day he needed me to help him ride his bike and then he was riding around the block and he needed me less.

One day he needed me to drive him to the mall so he could pick out a gift for a girl and then he was able to drive himself to the mall and he needed me less.

One day he asked me about sex and I changed the subject…

One day he asked me what was the meaning of life and we began a faith-based journey together and we fell in love with the LORD and then he needed me less.

One day he asked me for the keys to the car and I spent the night praying…

One day he asked me if he could go on vacation with his girlfriends family and I realized he needed me less.

One day he told me he was moving into his own apartment…and he asked me to make him a good-bye sandwich and I realized he needed me less than I needed him.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


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Home is…

Recently I made an unexpected trip home…to see my parents.  The reason for my visit was a somber occasion.  One of my Dad’s sisters passed away after a lengthy battle with lung cancer.

 It’s a funny thing…the place we call Home.  For some people their idea of home or going home is associated with the place where they grew up.  For some it is the actual house they grew up in…a place filled with childhood memories.  For others Home is associated with the city or town where they grew up.  They have detailed memories of days gone by…waiting for them around every corner. 

I do not associate home with either the town where I grew up or the house I grew up in …This is most likely due to the fact that my family moved around a lot…There are three distinct houses from my childhood each in a different city and I have wonderful memories from all of them…however, when I think of home none of these places come to mind.  They are just places where I lived when I was growing up. 

I once remarked to a friend that I was going home for the weekend…and I was surprised by her response…she said you mean you are going to see your parents.  I said yes…I am going home.  She shared with me that she no longer considered her parents house or the place she grew up as her home…Home to her was where she currently lived.  Her comment gave me pause and I began to ponder why is it that I still refer to going to see my parents as going home when they no longer live in the house I grew up in…

Even though I have never lived in my parents current home, when I think of visiting them…I always associate it with going home.  They have lived in their home for almost 20 years… but I have no childhood memories of this place.  No memories of late nights giggling with girlfriends or of prom pictures taken in front of the fireplace.  No memories of family movie nights or well deserved time outs or month-long loss of privileges or boys coming by to pick me for a date.   However, it still feels like going home…

It’s because…You see…I associate home with people…for me Home is a feeling!  It is warm and cozy…it is safe and secure…it is my favorite foods in the fridge…it is easy conversations…it is familiar…it is afternoon naps on the sofa, LSU football games on the TV…it is my Dad asking me to get him a glass of tea…it is my Mom whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, it is one of my sisters telling us a crazy story and the rest of us laughing until our cheeks hurt, it is the sounds of my son playing his video games or my husband laying out the plans for his next project…it is the sounds of my family living life together wherever we are…for me, this is Home!

Sometimes you hear people refer to someones death as a home-coming…The bible tells us that God has prepared a place for us…a heavenly home…a home like none we have ever known…the bible also promises that for those who put their faith in Jesus that they will have eternal life…that they will be reunited with those who have gone before them…When I think of my loved ones who have passed from this life to the next…and have been called Home…I never think of the house they will dwell in…I think of all of the family and friends that have already gone home and the wonderful family reunion that they are experiencing…

Home is…where the heart is and for me my heart is always with my family!


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Celebrating Life…A Girl and her Bulldog!

Today my Dad is celebrating his 71st Birthday. His nickname is Bulldog…not exactly sure how that came about, but it suits him perfectly. 

When I was growing up my Dad got great enjoyment from scaring the neighborhood boys when they came by the house.  He would open the door really fast…and in a loud deep gruff voice, just shy of shouting, say… “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”…  Back then I didn’t think it was very funny, actually it embarrassed me.  But now I get it… 

I am the oldest of four girls and this was his way of letting the boys know that he was looking out for his girls.  I love that about my Dad. 

My Dad knows what makes life worth living…Family!

Happy Birthday Bulldog!


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Weekly Photo Challenge…Family

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is one near and dear to my heart…Family!  My immediate family consists of my Husband and Son, Mom, Dad, three Sisters, a Niece, a Nephew and a Brother-in-Law.  My Husbands immediate family includes his Mom, 3 Brothers, 2 Sister-in-Laws, 4 Niece’s and 1 nephew is just a drop in the bucket.  We are blessed with a very close-knit wonderfully supportive Family.

My Weekly Photo Challenge… Family Photo is of my Mom and her girls; me and my three Sisters and my Niece.  I love my family!



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Heirlooms…family treasures or pumpkins

Do you have family heirlooms?  You know things that have been handed down through the years…maybe your Great Grandmothers wedding ring or a rocking chair that has rocked generations of babies to sleep.  How about a writing desk that is worn from years of letter writing or even better, letters.  Hand written letters, love letters from a young bride to her army husband counting the days until their first child is born and he returns home.

I have a few family treasures… I have a hand embroidered tapestry made by my Mother while she was recovering from back surgery 45 years ago.  I have a handkerchief that belonged to my paternal Grandmother, a plain wooden hand mirror that was my maternal grandmothers.  A few handwritten recipes from family members, a handful of jewelry that has more sentimental value than monetary and a quilt from my husbands Grandmother that was given to her the night the family home went up in flames.   What are your favorite family heirlooms?

Heirlooms..family treasures or pumpkins google image

There are other heirlooms in our lives.  The wonderfully delicious home-grown  fruits and veggies that have not been genetically altered.

“The definition of heirlooms is less cut-and-dried. With seed-grown plants, only open-pollinated varieties are considered heirlooms. Unlike hybrids, open-pollinated seeds will reproduce true to type, meaning the offspring will display the same characteristics as the parent plant, and seeds can be saved from season to season. Since a conclusive definition for heirloom seeds and plants doesn’t exist, I turned to Peggy Cornett, director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, for her interpretation of the term. “I consider plants heirlooms if they were once significant in gardens but are now rare or even extinct in cultivation,” says Cornett. “For example, there are many cultivars of iris or phlox or daylilies from the early 20th century that are nearly impossible to find.” Seeds are generally considered heirlooms if they were introduced into cultivation at least 40 years prior to the current date, though some heirloom experts consider seeds heirlooms only if they were introduced prior to World War II.”

You probably have heard of heirloom tomatoes…they have been all the rage for several years.  They are not the pretty perfectly round evenly red tomatoes found at the local grocery store. You know the ones that taste like cardboard.

The heirloom tomatoes are gnarly at best.  They are misshapen, have uneven color, bumps and cracks but the flavor is all that matters.  Intensely earthy with a wonderful balance of sweetness and acid, they are dense and meaty.  They are so delicious you can eat them like an apple.

Have you heard of heirloom pumpkins?  They are the pumpkins that are odd colors, squashed, bumpy, warty, striped and sometimes magical but always interesting.  They are my all time favorite…the less than perfect but always beautiful heirlooms!

Check out your local farmers market for a few of these beauties..I hope they will bring a smile to your face.

Here are a few of the varietal names; muskee de provence, rouge vif d’etampes, full moon, long island cheese, carnival, jarrahdale and fairytale.

What ever you consider a family heriloom…you should treasure it!


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