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Sunset dinner beach side at Latitudes on Sunset Key…Key West Florida!



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A Word a Week: Clouds

Here is my Cloud offering for this weeks Word a Week Photo Challenge…As I looked through my photos I was surprised at how few photos of clouds I have….or at least how few I could find.  ***Note to self…make sub-folders for pics this year.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Boca Grande, Florida


Summerville, Texas

March 2010 146

Key West, Florida

Key West 2012 818

More Clouds….

A Word in Your Ear

The Serenity Place


Travel Inspire Create


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Weekly Photo Challenge…Abundance 02.28.11

abundance, noun – an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply, or an overflowing fullness

one week, one island, one beach…

an abundance of sky, water and sand…

  an overflowing of peace and solitude. 

beautiful sunsets…


 As well as an overflowing sense of wonder…

at the beauty of the world we live in. 



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blue monday….a happy alternative

 Memories of vacation past…

soothing and relaxing…

crystal clear blue water…

thoughts of vacations to come…happy blue monday!


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vacation expectations…unexpected


Everyone has high expectations when planning a vacation.  Right?  

I know I do!  I expect to get away from it all, rest and relax.  I plan to go somewhere and do something that is far removed from my day-to-day routine.  I think about the big picture!  The Destination!  The Activities!  However, I like to leave the small details to chance.  I love surprises!

We have stumbled upon a few unexpected treasures while vacationing.  Once we discovered an incredible restaurant completely by chance without so much as a recommendation.  Rails!  Actually that happened twice.  Once it was an incredible magic shop in a small Texas town.  But nothing compares to the unexpected treasure we found while vacationing in Florida.

While vacationing on Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, Florida  I discovered a gem, a treasure, a diamond in the rough!  This little gem is none other than a local grocery store.  All I can say is “I want one”!  I want one in my neighborhood!  I would go into the grocery business in a heartbeat if I could duplicate Hudson’s Grocery.

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