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January Photo a Day 2013: Delicious

Still catching up…

Day 19. Delicious: What’s delicious to you? Is it the chubby cheeks of your toddler, the hunk at the gym or a cake you plan on eating for afternoon tea?

This ain’t your mama’s afternoon tea…This, my friends, is the dish that my husband requests that my parents make whenever we visit.  This is Deer Sauce Picante!  It is a wonderfully rich and delicious stew served over rice.

On our visit this January my Dad passed the baton to the next generation of family cooks.  We did all of the chopping, measuring, stirring and watching the pot come to a boil.  One would think the main ingredient in this dish is the deer meat.  It is a key ingredient but it is not what makes this dish.  The KEY ingredient in this dish is the black cast iron pot in which the stew is cooked.  More on that another time…

20. Something you saw: Go about your day with eyes wide open and take a photo of something you saw.
21. What you do: Do you go to school? Train elephants at the circus? Write at home? Play mum to your kids? Act as CEO to a big business? Paint in your spare time? Dance when no one is looking? Take a photo of what you do {something that makes you ‘you’} and share it.
22. Corner: It could be a sharp corner of a building, a corner of an artwork, a corner of your home or something else. Corners are everywhere. Shoot one.
23. Electric: This could be a simple photo of your toaster {but get creative} or something else electric.
24. Stripes: Look for stripes in your everyday. They could be in the zebra crossing on the road, or in your outfit or somewhere else.
25. Landscape: Step back and take a photo of a landscape near you. Or even take a little trip just for the photo. Would be nice to explore your town for a beautiful photo.
26. Together: There are many definitions for together. One is: In or into a single group, mass, or place. Take a photo of together, whichever definition you’d like to use.
27. Sun: Whether the sun is out in full force, or hiding behind the clouds today – take a photo of it. Or you could get creative and take a photo of sunlight or some other interpretation.
28. Through: Take a photo of looking through something – through the window, through the gate, through the trees… whatever you please.
29. Grow: People do it, plants do it too… get creative and take a photo of something that grows.
30. Down: Is it looking down or something that makes you feel down? Interpret it however you like.
31. Yourself: Take a photo of yourself. Or something that represents you.

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A Southern Tradition…

Did you welcome in the New Year by eating a traditional meal of cabbage and black-eyed peas?  We went with the traditional meal and we added a side of good ol’  Texas comfort food, smothered steak.  So according to the old wives tale we are almost guaranteed that 2013 will be filled with comfort, luck and prosperity…Just to clarify

Comfort – contented well-being, satisfying or enjoyable experience

Luck – a force that brings good fortune, the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

Prosperity the condition of being successful or thriving; especially economic well-being



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Nostalgic Foods…Moon Pies!

Moon Pies…I remember eating and enjoying my fair share of moon pies during my youth.  They were included in my sack lunch from time to time as well as enjoyed as an after school snack.  I remember them being as large as a full moon.  I remember sometimes they would be smashed but that did keep me from breaking them apart and gobbling them down with ease…of course there was always a carton or glass of milk on the side. 

Now, I have not eaten or even thought about a moon pie in more than 20 years…so why all of sudden is my mind filled with images of moon pies?  I haven’t seen a moon pie commercial or overheard a conversation discussing the culinary delights of the moon pie.  I haven’t watched a food network expose on the making of the Original Moon Pie.  So what gives?  Whatever it is…it doesn’t really matter.

Just know that the moon pie is still alive and kicking…the original moon pie is available in vanilla, banana and chocolate.  Although I only remember eating the chocolate ones! But you don’t have to settle for the Original Moon Pie…made months ago, shipped from hundreds if not thousands of miles away to sit on a grocery store shelf for who knows how long before you end up purchasing it on a whim only to discover the expiration date is just a couple of weeks away…

NO! Instead if you check out Pinterest you can find several recipes for a yummy homemade version of this nostalgic food…some folks are incredibly creative and I am quite sure that a number of the recipes would make a delightful version of the moon pie…

However, when I think of nostalgic foods…my taste buds will not be satisfied until I have had that which my mind remembers…In the end I may or may not enjoy it as much but I will have appeased my taste for the original…So I am going to give the well-traveled shelf sitter its due.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Whenever we visit La King’s Confectionery I allow myself to indulge without guilt or concern of calorie consumption…I yield to the desires and whims of my inner child..I take unrestrained pleasure in the total experience…especially to an excessive degree….all from behind the lens of my camera. Focus, zoom, snap…one sweet confectionery picture after another.  Snap…indulge…saltwater taffy, snap…indulge…jelly fruit slices, snap…indulge…peanut butter fudge, snap…indulge…caramel clusters, snap..indulge….hand dipped ice cream cones, snap…indulge!!!

Follow me to La King’s…for an incredibly indulgent experience!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These pictures were taken at La King’s Confectionery located on Galveston Island.  The King family began making “old world” style candy in 1927.  In 1976  the King family opened up La King’s Confectionery on the historic Galveston Strand.


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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…garden fail, who knew?

Suncreek Garden Chronicles…garden fail!  I think this may be what brussels sprouts look like when grown under the wrong conditions…  Out of 6 plants this is the only one with significant sprout growth but… these sprouts have just stopped growing! 

I am not sure we have truly failed at growing brussels sprouts.  I have done a bit of research in the past few days and it seems that we just lack knowledge.  Our winter temperatures have been on the warm side, but it would seem not too warm for the brussels.  It also seems that the plants may be just waiting on us to take the next step.  I have read that we should begin harvesting the lower leaves and sprouts of the plant to stimulate continued growth of the remaining sprouts.  Who knew?

Well someone knew and now I think I know…how to over come our possible garden fail. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Fail

Of all of the winter veggies we planted I was most excited by the possibility of growing our own brussels sprouts. Which in itself blows my mind. You see before last year I was not a fan of cabbage or brussels sprouts. Of course my professed dislike for these veggies had no real basis to it. As I child I had associated a bout of stomach flu with eating cabbage at my aunt’s house. So for years and I do mean years I refused to eat, actually I refused to even try a dish that contained cabbage or brussels sprouts.

My husband really enjoys eating cabbage. Also, there is a lady that I work with who goes to an incredible amount of work making cabbage rolls. We are talking over 100 individual rolls. She is so sweet and makes this dish out of love and there is just no way to refuse to eat this dish when she makes it for you. So between the two of them they have worn me down. I finally had to give in and give this incredibly humble veg another try. Guess what? I like it! I do. Now I am not going to go out of my way to make fried or stewed cabbage or even cabbage rolls. But I will eat a serving if it’s offered to me.

On the other hand I have fallen in love with brussels sprouts. I can not explain it. I don’t think I want to try. But I really like these little bite size morsels.  I find myself adding them to my grocery cart whenever they are available. Who knew?!

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan…we planted a winter garden and then winter failed to show up.  We built a temporary greenhouse so we could start the seedlings for the spring garden…our placement of the greenhouse may have stifled the growth of a couple of our cold weather loving plants.  Whatever the outcome of this first attempt at growing a winter garden will give us knowledge and experience as we make our plans for next seasons attempt at growing a home garden. 



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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Organized Chaos

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Organized Chaos

 Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Organized Chaos!  What we have here is the result of a very mild, almost non-existent winter.  The seeds were planted in early January.  By the beginning of February the seedlings were demanding they be given more leg room.  Now it is mid February and the seedlings have grown into sizeable plants.  Now we must wait at least a month before putting the plants in the ground.  Waiting until the middle to late March should insure that the last frost is a distant memory. 

In the meantime, we are slowly pulling up the remainder of the winter garden.  However most of what’s left is doing so well we hate to see them go.  There are a couple of things that have kept Farmer Hubs from putting tiller to soil, it is too wet to do almost anything in the garden which we are not complaining about, just yet.  The other is that Farmer Hubs ripped his bicep and is scheduled for surgery sometime next week.  This will certainly slow down the progress of the garden tilling and planting.

Farmer Hubs is a very thorough fella…he always has a plan. Sometimes he even has a plan for the plan.  However patience is not one of his strong suits.  Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and listen to the experts.  The doctors have told him it could be a 3 month recovery/rehab process.  The Farmers Almanac is suggesting that by mid-late March we should be free from any chance of a freeze.  By then Farmer Hubs will have many plans laid out and will be chomping at the bit to get out of the gate.

After looking over the entire situation at Suncreek Gardens, Farmer Hubs has a well thought out and organized plan in place.  The fact that the warmer than normal temperatures have the seedlings thriving and growing faster than we anticipated is throwing the whole garden game into a bit of chaos.  But even the best laid plans can be thrown into a state of limbo.   Farmer Hubs will have his surgery… the plants will continue to grow…Farmer Hubs will rehab his arm…the Farmers Son will till the garden…the Farmers wife will take care of the Farmer.


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You inspired me…To Pin It!

 I was inspired by the creativity on Pinterest.  These are pins from my boards titled Valentine Inspiration and GR8 quotes.  Have you heard of PinterestPinterest is a virtual pin board where you can gather and share the things you enjoy on the web!   If you are thinking of painting or decorating a room in your house, you can gather all of your inspirational pics from online sources into one place.  If you like a recipe on the foodchannel.com or allrecipes.com you can pin it to a board for future reference. If you are into DIY projects, fashion, gardening, architecture or photography you can gather all sorts of  lovely images into one easy to access place.  You can plan a party or a wedding with Pinterest.  The possibilities are endless!  If you are not pinning and would like to I would happily send you an invite to join Pinterest.  Yes…it does take an invite from a current pinner. 

Pinned Image

Valentines Day Subway Art from designs by cp.blogspot.com 

I love all of the word signs that are floating around in th etsy shops and on Pinterest!  They are fun and thought-provoking.  I have been inspired to make my own.  Now to decide… which one will it be?

Red Velvet Week-Red Velvet Crepes from Taste and Tell Blog

Red Velvet cake is my favorite cake…I love it in it’s purest form, made from scratch, 3 layers with cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of pecans.  I will take it in little bite size pieces called cake balls.  I will indulge in a cupcake and yes I will even take it as a crepe.  My fondest memory of the lovely red velvet cake is that our wedding cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing.  Delicious!

Pinned Image

image from bing.com

I think this looks like a raspberry cookie sandwich.   It reminds me of a moonpie…don’t ask me how this pretty pink concoction could remind me of a chocolate moonpie.  Because I don’t have an answer..it just does!  I have loved raspberries ever since the anesthesiologist hand fed them to me after my son was born.  As I lay exhausted from the long delivery and I was on the verge of giving up…He told me if I could/would push a little more he would retrieve the raspberries from his lunch for me.  I did!  He did!  Our son was born @ 4:20am!  Then I ate raspberries!

DIY Projects from Crocheted Sea Grass & Flowers by Amber Lay

I really like finding new ways to use ordinary everyday things.  A candelabra for a jewelry holder, individual yogurt containers for garden seedlings and tin cans for flower vases. 

Pinned Image

from justasmidgen.com

Individual heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes drizzled with yumminess…worth the effort and the calories.  I think I will make these and share a little love with my bible study group and my co-workers.

Pinned Image

from thefauxmartha.com

Individual chocolate puddings, one to keep and one to share.  Or if your significant other doesn’t care for chocolate pudding, then you have one to keep and one to keep for later!

Pinned Image

Dr. Oz’s Tart Cherry Smoothie (Sleep While You Slim)

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits.  Come to think of it most of my favorite fruits are dark in color.  I enjoy cherries, red grapes, blueberries and blood oranges.  I really like the idea that I can have a cherry smoothie in the evening and  it keeps your metabolism working while you sleep. 

from skinnytaste.com

This scrumptious delicacy incorporates all of my favorite desserts into one.  I will make individual red velvet heart-shaped cupcakes drizzled with an intense dark chocolate syrup  topped with raspberries and a little chocolate bow and I will make it skinny!

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope Pinterest will inspire you in some way…

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A-Z Archive: F! Challenge…Flakey and Fruity

This week’s topic for our “A-Z Archive” photo challenge: the “F” archive: introduce one photo of your archive with a “F” Keyword. – I’m sure you’ll find a picture: tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to FrizzText, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!

A-Z Archive: F! Challenge…Flakey and Fruity


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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Man Cave!

The focal point of a typical Man Cave is ususally the BIG LCD 52″ 1080p flat screen tuned in to ESPN for the latest sports updates; Scores, Hits, Hirings and Firings, Trades, The DL and The NFL.  The conversations range from….Will Peyton Manning ever play football again? and How does his little brother feel about playing the game of his life on his big brothers hallowed grounds? To recollections of days gone by… Yes all of this goes on in my Hubs’ indoor man cave…but lately the Hubs has been focused on his outdoor man cave.  Now before you get too excited this outdoor man cave does not include an outdoor kitchen or flat screen television.  There isn’t a tiki bar with a built-in fridge…This man cave is a combination of pvc and heavy duty plastic filled with garden tools and a compost bin.  Although once the Hubs reads this he will surely get a few ideas….. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

 The Hubs, In anticipation of frigid winter temperatures constructed a temporary greenhouse.  So far…there has been no sign of old man winter.  Currently the temps are holding steady from a low in the mid 40’s to highs in the upper 70’s.  It’s downright spring time!   The temporary greenhouse has become the outdoor man cave

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

The Hubs is spending quite a bit of time in his outdoor man cave…planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, weeding the rows and basically puttering around. He is one proud gardener…not to mention he melts my heart when he brings in the daily harvest. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

We typically enjoy our fresh from the garden harvest during dinner time.  Almost every evening as we are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the veggies of his labors, the hubs will exclaim…”That’s the best…lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas….(you get the picture) I have ever eaten!”  You know what?  He’s right..it is!


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Wordless Wednesday…Naturally sweet!

Wordless Wednesday…Naturally sweet! Sugar Snap Peas…

Wordless Wednesday...Naturally Sweet!



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