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Have you seen the Ostrich Pillow?

At first glance the Ostrich Pillow is a bizarre attention getter…At second glance it looks like you are wearing an over-sized protective headgear…But then you look a little longer and it begins to grow on you…and after you gain control of the rolling on the floor laughter…you begin thinking this looks like a pretty good idea.  They have come up with a guaranteed zen-like state for catching a power nap any where any time…On a long flight, in a crowded airport, at your desk, if you work shift work and need to sleep when the rest of the world is moving at warp speed.  I am even thinking this could be the perfect place to crawl into when dealing with a migraine headache…I wonder if I can get my Doctor to write me a prescription for one…I imagine this would even drowned out the neighbors barking dog! The Ostrich Pillow…a cozy cocoon for your head and hands…Now where can I get one of these in my size?


image taken from studiobananathings.com


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