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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Excellent!!!

We are off to an excellent start here at the Suncreek Garden…

Our garden is A-OK, A1 and even a bit awesome

The plants are bang-up, banner, beautiful, and blue-chip quality.

They are quite possibly worthy of a blue-ribbon which would give us bragging rights.

A bumper crop would give us choice, classic, cool , cracker jack veggies. 

 The younger generation might even say our Garden is dope, down, or even phat or fab

On the other hand my generation would more than likely think things are fabulous, fantastic, fine, first-class, first-rate, first-string, and even five-star

The veggies are growing like gangbusters

It is almost heavenly to have such hot, hype and immense growth so early in the game.

We are  keen to the  lovely and marvelous tomatoes that are already weighing down the branches.  

Farmer Hubs is our numero uno man in charge.  His planning and dedication is out-of-sight and par excellence when it comes to working the garden.  After years of trial and error and adjustments we are heading for a sensationally splendid stellar top-of-the-line garden this year. 

The Suncreek Garden is…wonderful…out of this world…Excellent!!!


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge…

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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Tomato Happiness

It’s happy times at Suncreek Garden.  Next to actually havesting and eating our tomato crop this is the most exciting time of the season …The seeds went into the starter pots in early January…the plants have been in the ground for 3 weeks…and we have flowers!  Tomato Flowers!!!

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.  Gertrude Stein


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Wordless Wednesday…Carrots! Carotte! Cenoura!

Another entry for the Wordless Wednesday Weekly Photo Challenge…



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What is this fungus amongus?

What is this fungus amongus?…It pops up when you least expect it…adding another dimension to the garden experience…color, texture and mystery! 

fungus amongus


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Wordless Wednesday…Naturally sweet!

Wordless Wednesday…Naturally sweet! Sugar Snap Peas…

Wordless Wednesday...Naturally Sweet!



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