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to be warm and fed…

I am sitting in my living room surrounded by what is my life.  My family, our dogs, a collection of things.  I am very blessed and do not have need of anything.  I have a new roof over my head, food in the pantry, and a well stocked refrigerator.  I have a blanket on the bed to cover up with if I should get cold and a pillow to lay my head on when I am tired and ready to go to sleep.  Should I have a need, a real need, I can get in my car and drive wherever it is I need to go. 

However, that is not the case for more than 40,000 individuals living in the Houston Metro area who have experienced homelessness this past year, up 20% from 2009.  Families now make up 21% of the homeless in the Houston area.  People are hurting and are in great need of the very basic necessities to make it through another day or week.  Unfortunately there will always be this need and I realize we cannot help everyone.  But each of us can help someone. 

There are community centers, churches and civic organizations that are always trying to reach out to those in need.  Usually when we here there is a need we instantly think that we have to give money to help out.  Yes, money is always the biggest need for organizations who are trying to take care of the needy.  However, that is not the only way you can get involved and make an impact in someone’s life.  We all have something we can give.  We can donate gently used clothing to those in need.  We can pick up an extra $5 or $10 of non-perishable food the next time we are in the grocery store and drop it off to the local food pantry.    We can also donate our time.  It takes a lot of man hours to collect, organize and distribute the items to the needy.  

If we all do a little it will add up to volumes.  The one life you touch will end up being one of many.  And you my friend will be receive a blessing beyond measure in the eyes of the One. 

Matthew 25:40 Jesus said…” whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me.”

So my friend if you know what it is to be warm and fed…go and pay it forward…and help someONE to be warm and fed…

I would love to hear how you have helped out those in need in your communtiy and how that experience has impacted your own life.


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