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Happy Friday!!!!

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Friday and a Memorable Weekend! 


Because I thought of you today!

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free as a bird…

I knew they were coming…it happens every year…today was the day! They probably number in the thousands.  It’s THE BIRDS!!!(no not those BIRDS) The activity in our yard resembles an aerial aviation convention.  Complete with precision formations and aerial stunts and dive bombers.  The colors span the rainbow.   And our otherwise peaceful neighborhood has been transformed into the Bird Convention!  And the conventioneers are busy chatting it up with their neighbors. 

I read once, sorry I  don’t remember where, that the area of Texas we live in has the largest variety of birds in the United States.  Originally I thought that’s one of those BIG Texas stories the natives like to tell.  However, this morning I believe it may actually be true. 

The birds in our yard this morning, numbering in the hundreds,  as far as I could tell, were the common grackle, sparrows or finches, its possible the smaller birds were house wrens as well as  a downy woodpecker or a red bellied woodpecker.  We already have had the pleasure of being visited by the hummingbirds and Owls are common in our neck of the woods. But, When I saw the flash of blue out of the corner of my eye I immediately knew what it was.  The Eastern Bluebirds!! They have always been my favorite!    There are several pairs flitting about searching for their nesting spot. 

I immediately called my Dad to share my excitement.  He reciprocated with his own enthusiasm and instructions on how to build and place the nesting boxes for the bluebirds.  Should they find suitable accommodations they will return every year.  Oh, how wonderful would that be!

I am not a birder but Ido  share my Dad’s love for the feathered creatures.  My dad is a bird man.  He has raised birds his entire life, all kinds.  At one time I think he had 75 parakeets, green, yellow, blue and violet.  He has also raised and shown fancy pigeons.  He even used homing pigeons to arrange dates with my Mom when they were in highschool.  Really!

I am on the lookout for a little bird my Dad calls a POP!  I have only seen them twice in my life.  It was either during the fall or spring migration.  They are small like wrens and each are a different color.  If you happen to know anything about this little bird we call a POP please drop me a line or a link. 

I always enjoy my Saturday mornings out here in the country but this morning as been truly delightful!

Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”


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October in Texas…lower humidity, pumpkins and football




You know that October has arrived in Texas when the humidity drops below 50%, the temperatures are in the low 90’s and the farmers market is selling pumpkins. 

 Other tell-tale signs that October has arrived in Texas are the gently falling leaves, the crepe myrtle trees turning from green to orange then purple and red and the fern growing on the big oaks begins to wither. 

 You know it’s October in Texas when the weekends are filled with craft fairs and festivals and people riding their bikes. 

And October is officially here when Friday nights are spent under the lights, Saturday’s are spent tailgating on college campus’ and Sunday’s are spent with armchair quarterbacks calling the plays. 

And you definitely know that October has arrived in Texas when you can open the windows in your house and feel that gentle breeze stirring and hummingbirds are hovering around the feeder and….the farmers market is selling PUMPKINS…


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