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“Playing” Interior Decorator…

Today I wrapped a word a day photo challenge  and my desire to freshen up our bookshelves into a neat little package.  Today’s word challenge was “playing“.  When I first saw today’s challenge I immediately thought about children on a playground or kids playing baseball or football.

I don’t usually encounter kids in my day so that idea went out the window almost immediately.  Then I thought about our little dogs and trying to catch them playing but mostly they sleep.  So, how was I suppose to capture the concept of playing?  So here you go…I “played interior decorator today.

I sat down with a hot cup of coffee and I googled decorating tips for bookshelves, read a couple of blogs and viewed numerous images.  I found a few ideas that I liked and the next thing you know…Everything was removed from the shelves and spread across the dining room table.  I whipped out the furniture polish and gave the wood a quick wipe.  The dust jackets on my coffee table books were tossed and the books were used as backdrops for the center shelves.  The larger items were placed on the tallest of the shelves and the layering began.





Then I took a step back and looked at the pictures and remembered the words of one of my favorite designers, Coco Chanel.  I read that she said that after you are finished getting dressed, take a look in the mirror and then take off at least one accessory.  So I decided that I would take that advice and apply it to my bookshelves…

Shelves Finished

My goal was to create a visual story…I hope I accomplished my goal.


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Wordless Wednesday…Pinterest Inspired!

Wordless Wednesday…Pinterest Inspired!

Spring Centerpiece


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Color choice inspired by 2012 color trends…

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Chalk Paint Project…a beginners attempt

Chalk paint is the hottest thing going in furniture refinishing.  The paint is terribly expensive but easy to use.  This is my first chalk paint project.  The chair was a freebie, picked from an old barn.

Chalk Paint Project...Duck Egg BlueI originally thought about painting it primer red but thought, what if it turns out great…blue works better with my home decor.  I might want to use it as my desk chair for a little while.

First coat

Chalj Paint Project...First Coat

Second Coat:

Chalk Paint Project...second coat

Sanding and distressing

Chalk Paiant Project...sanding and destressing

Here it is aged and waxed…

Chalk paint project

I don’t think the picture does it justice or it really looks like this…actually it looks pretty good sitting in the extra bedroom surrounded by other items I picked up while out junkin’.  There is a gal over at the antique mall that offers classes on painting furniture with chalk paint.  I think I should sign up…

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