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Girls Gone Junkin’…Gotta Git’cha Junk On!

There are girls who go to the flea market, and girls who go to yard sales.  There are girls who go to craft fairs and there are girls who just go where the sales are..And then there are Girls who go Junkin’and make it look real nice in a retail setting which makes other girls want to shop the junk and take it home…

I love other people’s junk…just this past week I hit up a yard sale out in the country and the guy had this big pile of rusty tools out in the yard, naturally I gravitated toward the rust.  As I was zoning in on the pile of potential treasures I heard him utter the words…”Ma’am that’s not for sale”…What? Not for sale…then why is it in the yard?  I tried a couple of time to get a good look at the pile of rust but he was having none of it…rust denied! 

Junk is in…Other peoples old discarded rusted dented dilapidated tired old junk is in vogue.  I follow quite a few Junkers on twitter and I “like” several junky Facebook pages…If you like junk check out junk bonanza, flea market style, the antique crank, funky junk, funky junk interiors, funky junk sisters and junk gypsy’sThese Girls know how to git their junk on!

Junkin’ or Pickin’ it’s all the same…and lots of people are doing it. And believe me there is enough of it to go around…I like to think of it as doing my part for the environment…recycling and upcycling…being green and all.  Here is a little peek at my junk treasures from my Girls (and Guys) Gone Junkin weekend…we got our junk on!

…As I was pickin my way through row after row of funky junk treasures my junk radar was picking up a definite color theme…

…of blue and green…

was catching my eye as I scanned the offerings of the junk vendors…


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge. This post is brought to you by the letter “J”.


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J is for junktiques…(a-z challenge)

One man’s Junk is…

another womans Junktiques!!!

Antiques, Junk, Americana… Junktiques!  I enjoy browsing through re-sale shops, estate sales and old barns.  There are treasures waiting to be salvaged and re-purposed.  As my adoring husband likes to tell everyone, I have an eye for this stuff.  I enjoy finding old discarded and forgotten items and incorporating the old with the new.  I call it elegant americana.   It is my own eclectic mix of design.  A collection of old pottery displayed in  a contemporary cabinet highlights both without one over powering the other.  It is a delicate balancing act, one that takes a little time and a willingness to look past the dents and the dust and envision what once was could be again. 

I love this little green chair…I think I will enjoy it just the way it is for a little while…I don’t think I can envision it any color but green.  Finding the “right” green will be half the fun!


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