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building a house comes with labor pains…

My husband and I decided to build our dream home in the country.  We decided early on that we would each be responsible for certain areas of the building process.  He is responsible for making the decisions where dirt, wood, water or power are concerned.  I on the other hand am responsible for making it look pretty.  We have differed to one another on several key issues, but for the most part we have stayed in our respective corners.  (No boxing gloves needed!) 

We have shared our hopes and dreams for the house with one another.  We have talked about the family events that we will host.  Should we have Christmas or Thanksgiving the first year?  How often will we entertain?  Will we host a Bible study group for adults or college kids?   I dream of the day we will all be in the house together, my husband and I in the kitchen preparing a meal, our son and his friends hanging out in the game room.  All of us enjoying God’s many blessings as well as the fruits of our decisions.

The decisions of have been numerous and many have been made more than once.  We spent two weeks driving around looking at brick and stone and stone and brick.  I agonized over the decision because of how many bad decisions we saw on the houses we looked at.  I did not want to be one of those houses.    I spent another two weeks looking at Tile samples only to end up going with one of the first ones I saw.  Paint colors and carpet were no different.  Then there was the lighting.  Oh my goodness the lighting, so many beautiful designs, entirely too many to consider.  So I went with the process of elimination and I am especially happy with the way things turned out. 

The process has had its moments.  There have been stressful days and days filled with excitement.  There have been days of delays and days filled with accomplishments.  There have been harsh words, shed tears and laughter.  There have been more good decisions than bad ones.  There have been things we would have done differently and things we wouldn’t change for the world.  There were moments when we second guessed making this decision. It recently occured to me that building house is a lot like giving birth to your child…

Speaking from experience the pain of child-birth was quickly forgotten when the nurse handed me  my  long-awaited bundle of joy.  No longer were my thoughts focused on the long hard labor, the hours of pushing or the near total exhaustion.  They were pushed to the back of my mind.   There he was my incredibly beautiful, unique, precious baby. 

During the previous 9 months I endured hundreds of questions and made dozens of decisions.  I second guessed the best decision I had ever made and then second guessed that decsion.  Then there was the big decision.  My Regular Doctor was out of town the morning my water broke.    The doctor on call was not into playing the waiting game and he began to talk about taking the baby by Cesarian.  I told  Dr. Iminahurry that my REGULAR Doctor had never discussed the possibility that the baby might need to be delivered by C-section.  I put my foot down. “Let’s just wait and see how thing go.   There is plenty of time! ” Then around 4am after 2 hours of pushing I began to think maybe that c-section wasn’t such a bad idea.  But then the baby arrived and it was almost like the past 20 hours didn’t even happen.  Then our new life began!

We are down to the wire.  All of the decisions are coming together.  The construction project is beginning to look like a house.  The house is looking more like a home.   We are only weeks away from our dream becoming reality.  We are counting down the days until we sign the papers,  get the keys, load up the moving truck and head HOME!!!  


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