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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunsets…photographing sunsets tutorial

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge suggestion is Sunset!  I am an inexperienced photographer and have trouble capturing sunsets and sunrises at their best.  I decided to look up a YouTube tutorial for a few pointers on the subject.  There were several available.  The one I chose is 10 minutes in length.  I know that’s really long…especially for a busy blogger.  However, I found the information on this one to cover all of my questions and was very helpful.  I hope you will as well. 

Do you have a tip for capturing a great sunset?

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summer plantings linger into the fall…

It is almost the end of October and our summer plantings are looking more beautiful than ever.  In all fairness our landscaping project was completed in mid September.  However, our area has not had any measurable amount of rain in the past 28 days which in its self can be detrimental to a newly landscaped and sodded yard.   Our initial landscape plan was survival of the fittest.  Only time will tell if we were successful in choosig hearty, drought tolerant, poor soil loving plants.

 In order to have success with your Landscaping in Texas you will need to consider your selections based on the extreme weather conditions of our beautiful State.  It would be best to research the native plants for your area taking into consideration your particular micro-climate.  As well as your commitment to maintaining your investment.  YES landscaping can be quite the investment.  The initial landscape project for our new home was in the neighborhood of $4,000. 

We have been diligent with our watering routine.  As well as keeping an eye out for those pesky little weed/grasses popping up in our flower beds.   Here are just a few of the beauties we chose to include in our landscape. 

fountain grass…

knockout roses…


pink petunias and asparagus fern…

triple pink Amaryllis, a gift from my Dad, gardener extraordinaire!

The finished project!  Hopefully we are on our way to achieving the desired look from our inspiration landscape.

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