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Spiritual Renewal

The State of Texas is experiencing the worst drought on record.  Lakes are drying up, wildfires are raging, farms are turning into dust bowls and cattle ranchers are being forced to sell their livestock due to the lack of hay. 

I have watched the cracks in our yard grow deeper and wider.  And despite our best efforts to water our lawn and flower beds the weaker plants are dying off.  I have also watched several brown patches in our lawn spread like a cancer.  The fern that grows on the oak tree branches has appeared to shrivel and dry-up beyond any measure of hope that it will return.

Everyday we pray for Rain.  We pray expectantly.  We pray without ceasing.  We watch the skies.  We rejoice as the rain clouds appear.  We fall silent as they disappear without dropping a trace of rain.  

Then just this week we were blessed with 2 days of rain.  Mind you it wasn’t very much rain.  Just a 1/4″ each day.  Oh but what that 1/2″ of rain has done for the flowers and the grass and the fern in the oaks.   The flowers are blooming, the brown patches in the lawn have new blades of green grass springing up and the fern has been resurrected.  Even the birds seem to be singing and rejoicing because they know that their needs have been met.

I have been experiencing my own personal drought.  As the earth dried up so did my verve for life.  I began to lose interest in several of the things I enjoy doing.  Writing this blog, collecting junktiques, working in the garden, pulling the pesky weeds and even cooking in my beautiful kitchen. 

Then it occurred to me this morning as it has on previous occasions that just as the rain fell and began to renew the plants and animals, so had God renewed my spirit.  It seems that as the rain fell it literally began to wash the dust and cobwebs from my spirit.  I rejoiced in the smell of the wet earth, the puddles on the drive-way and the cooler damp temperatures.

God showed me that no matter how bleak things may seem HE  is always at work, working things out for those who believe in HIM.

No matter how much watering I do on my own it will never be enough.    I have an inherent need of Gods renewing spirit.  He sends it in different ways every day.  We just have to learn to recognize it when it shows up.

It comes with the refreshing rain after a long drought.  It comes with the bright sunshine after a torrential downpour.  It comes in the encouraging words spoken by a co-worker.  It comes in the comments of my blogging buddies.  It comes with the development of a new friendship. It comes in a hug from my 22-year-old  son.  It comes in the knowing wink from my husband. 

God knit me together in my Mothers womb and knows the number of hairs on my head.  I am wonderfully and beautifully made to be exactly who I am.  He designed a plan to prosper me and not to harm me, a plan to give me hope and a future.  He sends people into my life to help me grow and become the Girl he designed me to be.  Ultimately my life is made up of my own choices, but when I make choices that are with-in Gods will for my life, I am Blessed beyond measure and my cup is filled to over-flowing. 

Hebrews 11:1  “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”


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