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2015…was a year filled with new opportunities.  A new camper, new career, new travel destinations and new friends.

New opportunities are usually the result of a change in your current circumstances.  The biggest change of 2015 was my career change.

For the past 9 years I was the Director of the Welcome Ministry at a mega church. I organized the cafe, bookstore, greeter and usher ministry teams.  There were over 500 volunteers at 3 campuses.  I worked with the lead Pastor on special projects designed to help people experience God’s Word in a way that is relevant to their life. I also, had the absolute plesaure of assisting with the annual womens event.  I helped with the selection of the speaker, decorations, food and the swag bags that each attendee received.  I was also the book and gift buyer for the church bookstore.  I wore many different hats and I wore them well… I loved my job!

Ministry work is incredibly rewarding.  You are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. You “get to” walk with people thru all of lifes events…babies, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, divorce, illness and death. You “get to” love your neighbor…you “get to” be the hands and feet of Jesus.

But working in ministry has a couple of “have to’s”. You “have to” work weekends. And you “have to” be away from your family on Easter weekend and Christmas Eve. You “have to” agree to avoid certain socially acceptable situations.


Overall the positive far out weigh the negative. But, for me the tide turned. I began to feel like I was missing out on too many family get togethers, either because I was working or too tired after work to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Thats when I knew it was time to make a change.

The career change has been a challenge. For no other reason than the pace is much slower. The upside to the change…I now work with my husband and son running our very succesful small business. I have weekends and holidays off, time freedom to plan and attend parties. And I can now blog about whatever tickles my interest.

2015…was a year filled with opportunities, changes and challenges. All in all it was a very good year!!! But all good things… Farewell 2015!
What was the biggest change in your 2015?

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Happy Friday…

It’s Friday, another week in the trenches and we managed to make it thru with a smile on our face. 

So here on the ranch we are kicking up our heels, taking a couple shots of Cabo Tequila and getting ready for a Texans Wild Card Game weekend…


Wishing you good golf, good tennis, full limits and a full ice chest…or whatever makes you happy!

Happy Friday!

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Fresh Linens…

Previously I mentioned a list of projects I am planning to tackle in an effort to eliminate some of the clutter in my life.  Today I tackled my out of control linen closet.  It had gotten so bad that I was avoiding putting anything away that belonged in there.

Even though almost no one sees it…I try to keep my linen closet organized.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and control over the little things in my life. This however is a far cry from organized, this is CHAOS.

My Aunt would be so disappointed if she saw this…


When I was growing up I had an Aunt that took great pride in her linen closet. All of her linens were perfectly folded and organized by color. I think she may have even starched and ironed them…it was and is to this day the prettiest linen closet I have ever seen. It’s something that I have always tried to do but I have never even come close to having the perfectly appointed linen closet.

One of the simple pleasures of life is the smell of cotton sheets dried on a clothes line, I think they smell like spring time. As much as I love that smell, I don’t particularly like the way the sheets feel when they are air dried.  But I won’t be hanging my sheets out to dry on an old fashioned clothes line anytime soon. I’ll just have to get that fresh linen scent from my detergent and fabric softener.

20160103_152635.jpgAhhh, that’s so much better…

Another of life’s simple pleasures is opening up a well organized linen closet,  selecting the perfect set of linens and making up the bed, layering it with blankets, a down comforter and cool clean fresh smelling sheets. Finally the moment comes at the end of the day when you get to experience the feel of slipping into bed between freshly laundered sheets. It is one of the most luxurious feelings a person can experience for free.

Finally, while organizing the linen closet I was able to scratch two things off of my clutter free project list; organizing the linen closet resulted in a bag full of sheet sets and blankets that will find a new home.









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Clutter Free Zone…

What did you do on this drizzly Saturday afternoon? I finished all of the laundry, cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer and I made a list of organizational projects I want to tackle in January…

SA donation bags

Well they really aren’t organizational projects as much as it’s reducing the clutter that has taken over every closet in our house.

It is so easy for clutter to creep into our daily lives. We get busy and we put things in places that are convenient but are not necessarily the right place.

It’s like the kitchen pantry…I have a small pantry by design, each shelf is dedicated to  like items. There is one shelf for can goods and savory items, one shelf for items used for baking, one shelf for spices, one for breads and chips and one for pasta, cereal and crackers.  However, it seems as though the center shelf is the catch all for every item that gets returned to the pantry.  It takes a whole afternoon to reorganize the shelves, checking all of the expiration dates and putting everything back where it belongs.

Of course everyone is thinking the same thing…strike while the iron is hot…the Holidays are behind us, the weather outside is less than inviting so what else is there to do with our time, besides watching college football and putting off taking down the Christmas decorations.Time to think about reducing the clutter around the house.


After reading a few Facebook and Blog posts about organization projects I was sucked in and decided to join the declutter craze...

Last week I purged my closet and dresser. I reorganized my vanity in the bathroom where I keep my jewelry and I straightened up my desk. Earlier today I attacked the junk drawer in the kitchen and my husband organized the drawer where we keep the bills and important papers.


Next up on the list…
1. Purge Linen Closet; I will only keep two sets of sheets for each bed.
2. Purge extra closet of craft items I haven’t used in more than a year.
3. Purge kitchen of plastic storage containers that do not have a lid or vice versa, lid no container…out of here!
4. Purge kitchen of duplicates; potato mashers, wooden spoons, cheese graters, whisks, measuring cups etc…
5. Donate extra blankets to a shelter.
6. Donate old towels to the animal shelter.
7. Take old books to used book store
8. Toss out old make up and hair products.
9. Reorganize the sideboard
10. Make-over the media room

Posting them here for accountability…I hope to post before and after pics as I go.


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My year (2015) in pics…

Durango, Colorado…Purgatory Ski Resort


Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo…Luke Bryan Concert


Somewhere in Texas, Poker Night…Families that play together make memories.


Austin, Texas…South Congress Ave. Photo OP

Austin I Love You So Much

Angleton, Texas, Rayzurs 6th Annual Best Batch Crawfish Cook-Off…


Bowling Green Kentucky…Corvette Museum.


Nashville Tennessee, Antique Archaeology


Cave City, Kentucky, Diamond Caverns Campgroud…1961 Shasta Airflyte Reissue


Cave City, Kentucky,  WigWam Village, …Teepee Hotels do exist.


Hammond, Louisiana…celebrating another blessed year…Birthday Cake made with love by my MOM


Manvel, Texas, New Hope Church, Going away party…a bitter sweet end to a decade of doing God’s work


Lake Palastine, Texas…spur of the moment camping trip.


Houston Texas…Uchi Sushi Restaurant


Roundtop, Texas…Antique Week


Somewhere in Texas, Spooky Ghosts for the Trick or Treaters…


Somewhere in Texas, Party on the Patio

November fireplace pic

Somewhere in Texas, Christmas Eve Eve, Champagne Punch

Champagne Punch

Lake Jackson, Texas, New Years Eve Celebration

New Year 2016

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All I Want for Christmas…

Have you ever asked for something for Christmas so outrageous there is no way its going to show up under the tree…
Unless of course your significant other has a very creative sense of humor…
Years ago when my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas I responded..How about a BMW!
Low and behold he delivered the requested gift.


The next year he asked the same question  and I quickly responded, how about a Lexus?!
Again he delivered…


This year he didn’t ask… but he  knew exactly what I wanted…its the topic of my favorite Christmas song…

What did you get for Christmas?

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25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 11) Gift Wrapping…

A Christmas Home Tour wouldn’t be complete without packages under the Christmas Tree…

In keeping with the season of giving…I thought it would be nice to take a look at the many options we have when it comes to wrapping up the gifts we have so carefully and thoughtfully purchased for our loved ones.


Of course, there is the option of having your gift wrapped by gift wrapping expert in the department store where you purchased the gift.  There is the option of dropping your gift in a gift bag…adding a little tissue paper  and your good to go.  You can throw all caution to the wind and go with a roll or two of wrapping paper that catches your eye, cats in Christmas hats or sledding snowmen.


My gift wrapping choices have run from one extreme to the next.  I lived through and endured years of the Christmas gift bag. I have embraced the use of plain brown paper and packing string. However, there is always the official Santa paper that is reserved the gifts that are delivered by Santa Clause…


There have been years when the presents under the tree were wrapped in remnants of Christmas paper from previous years and adorned with the a colorful assortment of bows.

Most recently, I have taken great care in choosing a color theme for the annual wrapping of the gifts  My husband has been entrusted with selecting the wrapping paper and I have to say that he has a great eye for task…

This year our packages will be wrapped in color coordinated paper selected by the Man of the house. They will be tied up with ribbon and dotted with bows and lovely name tags.  Some will be hidden in the wonderful burlap Santa sacks I found at Target…

Here’s wishing you a Santa sack filled with all of your Christmas wishes.


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25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 10)

Greetings from our home to yours. This is day 10 of our 25 days of Christmas…home tour. Today I am showing off my sideboard or is it a buffet...This is the kind of thing that consumes my thoughts from time to time.

According to Houzz there is a difference between a sideboard and a buffet. All be it a small difference, its in the legs.  A buffet has long sexy legs and a sideboard has short “athletic” legs. Obviously I have a sideboard…


My sideboard is where I store my cloth napkins and assorted beverage napkins with really cute sayings. You will also find a wine opener, bottle stoppers, extra coasters and a stash of candles of all shapes, colors and sizes.

20151210_193023.jpgI picked up this stoic buck during one of my many Christmas shopping sprees.He looks like he could be one of Santa’s reindeer.   Where it is exactly I found him escapes me at this moment.  It could have been Hobby Lobby or Pier 1, I know it wasn’t Target or Home Goods.  I do remember that I spent a bit of time looking for his Doe mate…

20151210_193028.jpgFor Christmas the sideboard will become a well appointed backdrop for pictures snapped while people are sitting around the dining room table enjoying a few nibbles, a glass of Christmas punch and of course each other…


Here’s wishing you a beautiful Christmas filled with friends and family.

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25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 9)

Thanks for stopping by our 25 days of Christmas Home Tour.  The decorating continues…Today is dedicated to the dining room area which is really an extension of our family room. The sideboard has been decorated for a week…but the table centerpiece wasn’t quite coming together until the last couple of days.


Today I scooted out of work a couple of hours early to tackle my Christmas shopping list. I also needed to pick up a few floral stems for my table centerpiece.  I am still working on the place settings for our annual Christmas day family breakfast.


My sweet friend and I made a trade…She got one of my vintage  baby bed springs and I got a set of chunky mercury glass candlesticks and an extra large mercury glass vase.  She then proceeded to throw out a challenge…” I can’t wait to see what you do with these”…so here you go MS.


After sticking the floral stems in the vase and adding white chunky candles to the candlesticks I decided the glass candlesticks looked a little cold…”Baby it’s cold outside” began to play in head. So what does a girl do when it’s cold outside… I wrapped them with a vintage mink collar I picked up at a resale shop.  And whats mink without a diamond brooch…now that’s a stylish centerpiece.

20151209_183111.jpgWishing you a Christmas wrapped in something warm with a little sparkle for extra measure.

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25 days of Christmas…home tour (day 8)

Day 8…of my Christmas Home Tour almost slipped by me. I’ ve been putting the empty storage boxes back in the attic, helping Chef Danny with dinner and wrappimg presents. Not to mention trying to choose a health care plan for the employees of our small business.


When I finally sat down to relax and watch one of those sappy predictable Christmas movies that I am addicted to, I was
faced with my undecorated fireplace. So I decided to tackle the project and share it with you.

The fireplace is always a challenge to decorate. As I am sure you noticed there isn’t a mantle. I wanted a 8″ cedar beam for my mantle. But thats another store for another day.

Back to decorating the fireplace…
I began by adding the lighted birch twig garland. Then I attempted to hang the matching wreath with a command hook. I quickly discovered these hooks dont work very well on limestone.


Next I started adding layers, the lanterns and candlesticks are from Tuesday Morning. The lighted birch twig garland and wreath are from Target. The winter swan is a vintage barn find…finally a little snow fluff, candles, Christmas pouporri and bows.
I have to say Im not especially crazy about the overall look. I really want to hang the wreath and maybe add a couple of pillows for softness and it absolutely needs some color.
Wishing you a warm hearth this Christmas season.

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