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2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…2/52: Fresh

I thought we could all use some fresh perspective this week..with half of the country dealing with freezing temperatures, snow days and cancelled flights… it might help to remember that the scent of fresh-cut grass and warm sunny days are just around the corner.

photo 4 (3)

Since we moved to the country a few years ago we have planted a fresh herb and vegetable garden and a small grove of citrus trees…Although oranges make me think of warm summer days, the varieties of citrus that are growing in our yard are harvested in the cooler months.  We have a dozen or more citrus trees…satsuma and clementine mandarins, navel orange, pummelo, lemon and lime…Although I enjoy all of the vegetables we grow the real highlight is being able to walk through the yard and pick a piece of fresh fruit from the tree, peel and eat it right on the spot.

We have been waiting to harvest the fruit until after the first freeze…the Old Timers say that the fruit is the sweetest after the first freeze…so that time has finally come for south Texas.  Now the race is on to eat all of the freshly picked oranges before they dry up or mold…I may try making fresh preserves…however there may not be enough this time around…I wonder if I can overdose on vitamin C?

What’s your fresh perspective for this weeks challenge?


Also be sure to use the #NolaGirl52weekchallenge so everyone who is playing along can follow you and see your photos.

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