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Seasonal Colors…Mardi Gras


During the heart of the winter when the landscape is greyed out and white washed with snow and ice, you are hard pressed to find color of any kind.  That may be why we find ourselves mesmerized by a clear blue sky or the stark contrast of a red cardinal against the bare branches of a tree.

But if you hold on to hope as I do, a day will come between late January and mid March…a day splashed with the colors of the season. Colors that will bring a smile to your face and put a song in your heart. The season I know as Mardi Gras! The colors are found in the decorations, trinkets, food and jewelry.  The colors are always the same…Purple! Gold! Green!


If you are not from the city of New Orleans you may find yourself a little put off by the brash color combination…but the colors are symbolic and are embedded in the tradition of Mardi Gras.  Have you ever wondered what the colors represent? The color purple represents Justice.  The color green represents Faith. The color Gold represents Power.

If I were home in the Crescent City, I would be attending an afternoon party enjoying a King Cake from one of the local bakeries.  Friends and family would be gathered around the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake waiting to see who will get the surprise hidden inside. Yes every King cake made in the traditional fashion will have a plastic baby hidden in the cake.

Today, the baby symbolizes luck and prosperity to whoever finds it in his/her slice of cake. In some traditions, the finder of the baby is designated “king” or “queen” for the evening. That person is also responsible for purchasing next year’s cake, or for throwing the next Mardi Gras party. 20160130_134258.jpg

However, I do not live in the Crescent City. I live H-Town! So this year I am enjoying sweets made by my own personal baker Sweet n Lowe…Ms. D. has a way of capturing special moments in the form of cookies, cakes and sweet treats. I have to say that Devon’s cookies capture the spirit of Mardi Gras better than any I have seen.


The colors are spot on…the Mardi Gras mask and the Fluer de Lis capture the spirit of New Orleans.


20160130_134303.jpgThank you Sweet n Lowe for helping this Nolagirl enjoy the colors of the season.

Laissez les bon temps rouller!!!

Do you have a colorful tradition you enjoy?







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January Photo A Day 2013: Surprise

Day 12. Surprise: I love when I stumble across coins when I’m walking. It’s a lovely surprise. That would be a lucky photo for me. Can you think of a way to capture surprise?

Surprise!!!  There’s a baby in my cake!!!


In the southern United States, the tradition was brought to the area by colonists from France and Spain and is associated with Carnival (also known as Mardi Gras). Celebrated across the Gulf Coast region from the Florida Panhandle to East Texas, it originated in French Louisiana and King cake parties in New Orleans are documented back to the eighteenth century.


The king cake of the New Orleans tradition comes in a number of styles. The most simple and the most traditional, is a ring of twisted bread similar to that used in brioche topped with icing or sugar, usually colored purple, green, and gold (the traditional Mardi Gras colors) with food coloring. In 1972, a small bakery in Picayune, Mississippi, Paul’s Pastry, started adding fillings

DSC00396 Also, some bakers have now taken the liberty to offer king cakes for other holidays that immediately surround Mardi Gras season, such as green and red-icing king cakes for Christmas, red and pink-icing cakes for Valentine’s Day, and green and white-icing cakes for St. Patrick’s Day. Others have gone a step further and produce specialty king cakes from the beginning of football season for Louisiana State University and New Orleans Saints tailgate parties, then for Halloween, then Thanksgiving – and do not cease until after Mardi Gras season with an Easter holiday king cake.  It has become customary in the Southern culture that whoever finds the trinket must provide the next king cake or host the next Mardi Gras party.

Surprise...a history lesson wrapped in a pastry!  Some information gathered from Wikepedia and of course personal first hand knowledge.

What do the prompts mean?

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below.

13. Circle: Look as you go about today for things shaped in circles. Is it the tyres on a bus? A big sign? Or something else?
14. Something yellow: Find something yellow in your travels today and take a photo.

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Signs of Spring Break…

There is a pecking order of sorts when it comes to the arrival of Spring in South Texas. You can tell it’s spring break by the appearance of the Texas Bluebonnets and the smell of Livestock.

The first sign that spring is about to arrive are the trail riders. While the temperatures are still dipping into the 30’s and Spring seems as though it will never arrive, the trail riders are saddled up and headed to Houston.  Some will travel hundreds of miles by wagon or horseback to take part in a Houston tradition. 

The second sign that announces the arrival of Spring is Mardi Gras.  Galveston began celebrating Mardi Gras in 1867.  The festivities were resumed in 1985.  This is the 100th celebration of the Galveston Mardi Gras.

 The third sign that announces spring is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cookoff.  The HLS&R hosts a 3 day World Class BBQ cook off event.  This is the official kickoff for the Rodeo. 

Followed by the beginning of the HLS&R which runs for 3 weeks. 

But the clearest sign that it is Spring Break in Texas is the mass exodus of family’s, college kids and church groups.  With cars, trucks, vans and mini-coopers loaded down with suitcases, duffel bags, ice chests and a weeks worth of snack foods.    Where are the headed you ask?  They are headed to the hills, the Colorado Hills!   

Just when the temperature in South Texas starts to climb and the Texas Bluebonnets start to blanket the roadside.  We Texans head West in search of a snow-covered hill and a pair of rented skis and a day pass.  When we point our vehicles west our eyes are locked on the horizon in search of the first signs of snow and the distant mountain peaks. 

The following week is spent getting our ski legs under us and our courage up to take on the steepest slopes with the rest of our Texas neighbors that have taken over the Colorado Ski resorts.  Before we know it the week is over and our vehicles are loaded up and we are headed back to Texas just in time to see the fields covered in Bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brushes and Buttercups. 

It’s Spring Break!


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