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Take care…not to lose your mind

How is your mental health?  Caring for your mental health is as important as caring for your physical health.  If you are sick your mental state can be affected by feelings of discouragement, listlessness or unhappiness.  On the other hand your mental health can affect how you function physically.  If you are worried, tired or depressed your body can begin to show signs of aches, pains and ultimately illness. 

Everyone encounters stress and/or anxiety at some point in their daily life.  Knowing how to deal with it is the key to maintaining good emotional and physical health. 

Taking time off to relax and re-charge your battery is essential to maintaining good health.  You should arrange time away from your job, housework, little league commitments or whatever is cluttering up your life.  Try unplugging your laptop and turning off your phone for at least a day or two.  

Time away doesn’t require an elaborate plan, an airplane flight or even an exotic destination.  It just requires a change of scenery.  Here are a few suggestions that may help you re-charge, re-focus or relocate the smile that is missing from your reflection in the mirror. 

Take a Walk…in a park you have never visited

Visit the Beach…breathe in the fresh sea air

Take a Ride…in the country or on a ferry-boat 

Stop and smell the flowers…at the local garden center or nature center

Pack the car with an overnight bag, a cooler of healthy snacks.  Point your car in the general direction you want to go and head off for a quick weekend getaway. 

Take care of your mental health…The mind is a terrible thing to waste…


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