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This Holiday Season, You’ve Got a Minute to Win It…

christmas-minute-to-win-it-party-supplies-2This Holiday Season you will probably attend or host a holiday party…If you are the hostess I hope you will make your party the mostess by incorporating some fun and easy Minute to Win it games into your party planning…

How many parties have you attended over the years that after a little small talk and a few appetizers the party begins to languish and you are left looking for an opportunity for an early exit?  Don’t be that party…

There are so many cute and easy ways to entertain your guests.  My inspiration comes from the popular game show…Minute To Win It!  Ask  a couple of friends to be the game host/hostess.  Explain the rules of the games and the time schedule ahead of time. This will free you up to mingle with your guests, snap photos and check on the buffet table.

Wrap up a few gifts for the winners, place them in a basket and let the game winners choose their gift.  Include gift cards, homemade sweets, movie passes…

Here are few games we are considering playing at our Christmas Parties this year…

How many marshmallows can you toss through the Christmas wreath into a bucket…In a minute?  Grab up a bucket from the local home store or even a small trash can will do.  Lay the bucket on its side, attach a wreath to the opening and place the bucket on the edge of a table or bar.  Mark a spot on the floor where the contestant will stand. Place a dozen marshmallows in a bowl, set the timer for one minute…Ready. Set, Toss!

Can you stack plastic cups with one hand…In a minute?  Place a stack of Solo cups on a table.  Using one hand, the contestant has one minute to stack the cups in a pyramid shape in one minute…Ready, Set, Stack!

How many ornaments can you and a your partner hang on a string without using your hands…In a minute?  Hang a string between two columns or a door way, place 12 ornaments with ornament hooks on a table.  The two contestants have one minute to move the ornaments from the table to the string without using their hands…I would recommend using plastic ornaments for this game or you will be sweeping up glass for days…The team who hangs the most ornaments on the string in one minute is the winner…On your mark, Get Set, Go!

Can you get the cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands…In a minute?  This is one of those games that will have the crowd roaring with laughter…You have one minute to move a cookie from your forehead into your mouth by using only your facial muscles…get your camera ready…I promise there will be priceless photo ops with this one.  Get set. move that cookie, move that cookie…

Can you open a present while wearing ski gloves before doubles are rolled…In a minute?  Wrap a gift, the smaller the present the harder it will be to open while wearing bulky ski gloves…. You can wrap an empty box or wrap a gag gift or even a gift worth keeping…you can make this the grand prize game.  The champion of the minute to win it gameathon is the team who opens the gift the fastest under one minute.

There are a number of ways you can play the games; you can play as individuals which would take all evening if you had more than a handful of guests.  I think teams are the way to go…I think guys vs girls or family vs family.  I would however, recommend to never ever have couples compete against one another…this may lead to a heated discussion or two…speaking from experience…best to keep it friendly and having more members on a team gives you a variety of talents to choose from.

Check out this web site for a few additional ideas for your Christmas Minute to Win It party.

Here’s hoping your holiday party is filled with laughter and great memories!

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Making Spirits Bright…

Do you love entertaining?  I do!  I love all of the planning that goes into a party.  I really enjoy making out the guest list, planning the menu, decorating the house, choosing the music, deciding on the entertainment and shopping for my outfit.

Every party consists of three key ingredients;  Fabulous Food, Toe Tapping Tunes and Exciting Entertainment.  People will talk about your party for weeks if you serve them good food, give them an opportunity to engage in enjoyable conversations and laugh until their face hurts.

One other key ingredient to a great party is arranging conversation areas for your guests.  We try to make sure there are plenty of sitting areas for our guests; the game room usually has a movie rolling or a game on.  The sitting area in the kitchen usually draws the talkative crowd, the living room is the comfy spot where our friends snuggle up in front of the fireplace and then there is the back yard where our more gregarious friends always seem to gather…it must be the refreshing country air and the starry sky that gets them every time.

We are hosting three very different parties this Christmas Season.  So I have been scanning Pinterest for ideas that will work for all of our gatherings.

This year the menu theme will be Spanish Style Tapas…delicious little bites.

Spotify and Pandora are helping me with my party play lists…

As for the entertainment…There will be plenty of opportunities for “pee in your pants” laughter as people get their photo booth face on and join in the reindeer games.

The photo booth will be located on the back porch. The Hubs has come up with his own idea for hanging the sliding backdrops…there are silly props; lighted reindeer ears, crazy eye glasses, Santa hats, mustaches on a stick, boas and tiaras.  There are assorted hats; cowboy and fedoras, musical instruments, oversized picture frames and giant letters…anything and everything we can think of that would add texture to the photos.

The fun doesn’t stop there…In years past we have played board games, Texas hold em, Who Am I? and Dirty Santa.  This year’s Reindeer Games will be…”Minute 2 Win It:” games!!!  If you have seen the show hosted by Guy Fieri then you know what I am talking about.  If not here a quick over view…All games must be completed in one minute in order to advance to the next round…The games range from stacking 3 golf balls one on top of the other, to moving a Christmas ornament across the floor to a designated spot by fanning it with a gift box.  There is Face the Cookie, where you place a cookie on the contestants forehead and they have one minute to move it into their mouth by only using facial movements…Or This Blows…one balloon and 12 solo cups, the contestant has one minute to blow up the balloon and expel the air from the balloon to blow the cups off of the table.  There are dozens of Minute 2 Win It games to choose from on the website.

Now you know all you need to know for Making Spirits Bright…Food, Tunes and Reindeer Games!


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