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un-plugged…but still connected

Have I mentioned that I work for a non-profit?  Actually I work for a church.  I organize and encourage volunteers to serve in different areas of ministry. 

 A few years back I read a book that helped me  discover the things that give me the greatest joy and now I get to use those gifts to earn a living.  I think I am one of the lucky people!

I love my job!  There are only a few days out of the month that actually feel like work.  The rest of the time it’s the most fun I have ever had while getting paid. 

Even when you love what you do there are days that make you shake your head and reach for the ibuprofen. Like today!  My computer was infected with one of those disgusting virus’.  The one that is going around making everyone’s computer sick. It turned out to be one of those scareware virus’  but just the same it was very annoying and inconvenient. 

It’s just like when I get sick after washing my hands and using hand sanitizer and avoiding all the sick people in the office.   Even after all of the precautions, I still get sick.   I don’t really know how I got it.  But I did! 

I didn’t open any of the junk email that fills my inbox.  I didn’t open  any of the forwarded emails or emails from people I don’t know.  I wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t suppose to be doing.    I was just doing what I normally do, surfing the internet looking for books for the bookstore I oversee and searching for clever suggestions for an invitation I was working on at the time.  Then it happened!  Then it was too late!  So I did the only thing I knew to do.  I called our IT department.  Well, I called our IT guy.

Me:  Hi.   My computer has a virus!
IT Guy:  What were you doing?
Me:  Nothing…surfing the internet.
IT Guy:  For what?
Me:  Invitations.
IT Guy:  Really, what sight were you on?
Me:  I don’t know, just some invitation site. 
IT Guy:  It doesn’t sound good.  Un-plug it.
Me:  Un Plug It?  Really?!
IT Guy:  Yes.  Un-Plug it!
Me:  You want me to un-plug my computer? 
IT Guy: Yep

So… I un-plugged it!

The thought of un-plugging began to rattle around in my brain.   I began to think about doing just that.  Un-plugging!  Calling it a day!  Heading home!  Going on vacation!  Disappearing for a while! 

What would that be like?  To just un-plug from life when things start to go south. 

It didn’t take long to decide that this was not an option. I realized this would only be a temporary fix.  Nothing would be settled.  Nothing would be fixed,  Everything would be on hold.  The inevitable would only be postponed.  Life would be in a holding pattern, the little blue light blinking,  waiting to start back up.

So I decided…to take a walk.  Be quiet.  Listen.  Collect my thoughts.  And yes Un-Plug…then I picked up a pen and a notepad and went back to work.  No stinkin’ computer virus is going to shut me down…I may be un-plugged but I am still connected!

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