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The music I’m listening to these days…

I recently received a post prompt asking “What kind of music are your listening to these days?”  It’s funny that you should ask.  I recently stumbled upon an artist whose voice has depth beyond her years.  While listening to her sing there is a strangely familiar feeling mixed in with her soft sultry style. 

It is almost as though her voice stirs memories of a forgotten time.  Maybe my Mother listened to music similar to this when I was growing up.  I am not exactly sure how to explain it except that it feels like HOME.

Madeleine Peyroux began performing on the streets of Paris. Then she spent several years traveling and performing around Europe.   Her first CD Dreamland was released in 1996.  And almost immediately she gained widespread attention and was compared to the likes of Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. 

Her hauntingly familiar style of music is soothing to my soul…



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Christmas things that make me smile…day 2

CHOCOLATE…LIQUID CHOCOLATE!  I am talking about a big mug of creamy hot cocoa or hot chocolate! 

The love affair with the cocoa bean began around 1200b.c. with equatorial Central and South American monkeys that enjoyed the sweet flesh surrounding the cocoa bean.  Mayans were the first true chocolate aficionados treasuring cocoa as a restorative, mood changing cure-all. I agree with the Myans…chocolate is definitely a restorative, mood changing, cure-all in my book!!!

Williams Sonoma has a nice selection of both Hot Cocoa and Hot Chocolate

According to Williams Sonoma, Hot chocolate is a distinctly different sip than hot cocoa. Inspired by the famed Café Angélina in Paris, where steaming pots of velvety hot chocolate are served with bowls of whipped cream alongside, ours is intensely chocolatey, rich and smooth.

Also, available at Williams Sonoma, From MarieBelle, the popular cacao bar in New York City, this is a true hot chocolate. It’s made from the richest, single-origin Colombian cocoa with a 63% cacao content – not cocoa powder. Preparation is simple: Just add boiling water for a full-flavored, European-style hot chocolate; or substitute hot milk if you prefer American-style hot chocolate. 20 oz. (12 to 14 servings).

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