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Todays #photoadayjuly prompt is “chair”…It would have been very easy for me to post a picture of a chair…there are approximately 25 chairs in and around my house.  I will admit I have a thing for chairs…but I couldn’t post just any chair…I had to find a special chair to share with you. 

For those of you who do not know me let me share a little something about myself…I love all things rusty, dusty and repurposed.  So this photo encompasses all of these things…

My disclaimer…I didn’t make it…I just photographed it!


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On the Floor…#photoadayjuly

At first glance todays photo prompt sounded like a piece of cake…As I scanned the floor for something to feature on todays #photoadayjuly feature I surprised to find that my floors lacked inspiration…there were a pair of my son’s shoes, my husbands camera bag, our dogs and lots of dust.  There were other less interesting things on the floor…there were rugs, towels, blankets, magazines, dog beds and dog bowls and my feet.  After looking around the house for something to share and snapping and deleting several pictures, I decided on this one…


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