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Steampunk Flower Bouquet…

I have a real appreciation for re-purposed rust.  This is my favorite “pin” of the day. Gearhead Flowers I wish I could give credit to the creator of this exceptional arrangement. However, not everyone on Pinterest thinks to list the origin of the photos they “Pin”.  If you know the origin of this photo please share it…not only do I want to give credit wear credit is do, I would like to know how I can order one of these bad boys.

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Fun and Fanciful Centerpiece….


This is last years pinterest inspired DIY centerpiece…It’s time to make one for this year…Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


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The Bookworms’ Christmas Trees

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful holiday season…Christmas is my favorite of all of the holidays. This particular holiday seems to bring out the Martha Stewart in everyone…If you are a book lover you will really enjoy these creative Christmas Trees. Merry Christmas!!!

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Whimsical Christmas Tree #2….Grace Kelly

A friend sent this to me and I just had to share her with you….



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Whimsical Christmas Tree…Audtree Hepburn!

As I scanned through my friends posts on Facebook I came across the most adorable interpretation of a Christmas Tree...From what I can tell from where I came in on the story is that Sue at Reblinged was asking her Facebook friends to help name her creation…I read a few of the comments and there were several clever suggestions…However, I agree with Sue and have to say that there was absolutely no other choice…So let me introduce you to Audtree Hepburn! Isn’t she a knockout!

Audtree Hepburn

You can also check out Sue and Re-Blinged on Pinterest….


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Christmas Cone Trees…

I have a thing for trees…all shapes and sizes.  I especially like the cone shaped trees you see during the Christmas season.  Here are a few that a friend and I made today.  They are part of our Christmas Tree themed decor at church.

TreesAll you need to make these festive trees are a few cone shaped tree forms.  You can use Styrofoam, Paper Mache or Grapevine forms. You can even make your own if you are feeling especially crafty.  Next you will need fabric pins and floral wire.  Finally, you will need some fabric or burlap ribbon, and lots of bling on a string.

Cone TreesThe point of making any craft is to let your personality shine through.  Remember to have fun!

Merry Christmas,



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Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 28, 2013 · 8:50 am

“Playing” Interior Decorator…

Today I wrapped a word a day photo challenge  and my desire to freshen up our bookshelves into a neat little package.  Today’s word challenge was “playing“.  When I first saw today’s challenge I immediately thought about children on a playground or kids playing baseball or football.

I don’t usually encounter kids in my day so that idea went out the window almost immediately.  Then I thought about our little dogs and trying to catch them playing but mostly they sleep.  So, how was I suppose to capture the concept of playing?  So here you go…I “played interior decorator today.

I sat down with a hot cup of coffee and I googled decorating tips for bookshelves, read a couple of blogs and viewed numerous images.  I found a few ideas that I liked and the next thing you know…Everything was removed from the shelves and spread across the dining room table.  I whipped out the furniture polish and gave the wood a quick wipe.  The dust jackets on my coffee table books were tossed and the books were used as backdrops for the center shelves.  The larger items were placed on the tallest of the shelves and the layering began.





Then I took a step back and looked at the pictures and remembered the words of one of my favorite designers, Coco Chanel.  I read that she said that after you are finished getting dressed, take a look in the mirror and then take off at least one accessory.  So I decided that I would take that advice and apply it to my bookshelves…

Shelves Finished

My goal was to create a visual story…I hope I accomplished my goal.


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new beginnings…


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October 22, 2013 · 9:12 pm

A Spring Day via Pinterest…

Groundhog Day is just around the corner, February 2nd.  I am almost positive that Phil will see his shadow and we are in for an additional 6 weeks of winter.

Whether Phil sees his shadow or not I am already enjoying spring time on Pinterest.  Spring colors, recipes and crafts are sprinkled across the pages…

This is one of the ways I would love to spend a spring day...

Spring outfit

Wearing a new spring outfit..from Anthropologie

Spring Lipstick.

Picking out a new lipstick..Mac Twig

Spring Peonies

Bringing home a bouquet of plump blush  peonies…

Spring Strawberry Lemonade

Making a pitcher of homemade strawberry lemonade…made with fresh strawberries, lemons and honey.

Spring Strawberry and Lemonade Layer Cake

And then making a delicious strawberry and lemonade layer cake…

Spring Balloons

And finally walking around with balloons…just because they make me happy!

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