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Post #303…What do you miss?

The question of the day..What do you miss?  The very first thing that comes to mind is you.  I do, I miss you!

I miss reading your encouraging posts and daily challenges.  I miss your poetry and photographs.  I miss the weekly photo challenge and the link ups.  I miss reading all that you have taken the time to write.  I feel like that friend that doesn’t reply to emails or return phone calls.  I am not that person!  I really have been burning the candle at both ends and the ends are getting closer to meeting in the middle.

A few weeks back the process of organizing 8 nights of banquets began and everything else came to a screeching halt.  Every minute of every day has been dedicated to making sure everything is in order for that nights banquet.  Attention to the little details is what makes an event memorable.  And there are lots of details that need attention.

Before this event began I asked God to use my gifts and talents to serve Him and His Church. I did not know what that would mean at the time but I was up for the challenge.  No matter what was asked of me.  Now at the end of each day my feet ache and body is weary.  But every morning I wake up with renewed energy and excitement.  Every day I give all that I have to give and every morning God fills me with what I need to get through another day.

As I type these words I am fighting to keep my eyes open.  But I feel the need to let you know that I am still here, just on the other side of cyberspace…desperately wanting to read every word you have written.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about…What do you miss?


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Wordless Wednesday…Tastes like Chicken

Wordless Wednesday…Tastes like Chicken!  Question is…Which one?

Wordless Wednesday…Tastes like Chicken

Where’s Mugsy when you need him?


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9 months and counting…the gestation of a blog

9 months and 70 posts later… It feels like I am just finishing up my first trimester, which would mean this blog has  a 24 month gestation period.   I didn’t realize that developing and nurturing a blog would take almost as long as it takes for an elepahant to have a baby. Lord give me strength and focus.

Ideas may come to you in a fleeting moment  but taking that idea from conception to development requires commitment.  A commitment of not only of time but also of heart and soul.  There have been  times when I have crafted a post that comes from my very soul and I barely got more than a handful of views.  Then there was the post that I wrote on the fly.  It took very little effort and it was the  hit of the month.  I have questioned why I ever began blogging.  And then  the greatest thing happened a blog comment from one of my favorite bloggers.  The light shone from heaven and the angels sang and all was right in my blogging world.

I will admit that I am addicted to checking my stats.  In some sick way I equate my stats with being liked.  There isn’t anything tangible in the stats other than the fact that someone has at least clicked on a post.  There is no way of knowing if they actually read the post or if in fact they felt one way or the other about it, because 98% of the time there isn’t a comment.  But in my somewhat twisted mind I think surely they liked what I had to say, Right? Right. Right!!

My best day as a blogger was the day I had 55 visits.  The second best day is when someone went through my blog posts and visited nearly every post and tweeted them, that day I had 44 visits.  BTW, are they called visits, hits or clicks or something entirely different?

After finding a few blogs to follow and studying the different types of blog posts that bloggers are incorporating into their blog world, I have begun to try a few new things.  If nothing else it is helping me to think outside of the blog box I had climbed into.   These ideas are helping me to think about blogging throughout my day instead of just when I sit down at the computer at the end of my day.

Here are some the ideas I am trying! 

Tuesdays Treats and Treasures…pictures that do not require descriptions.

WOW…wacky, wonderful…something out of the ordinary, a hmmmmm moment.

blogging on the go…a quick blog post about something happening in my day.

friday’s find…something new I discover on a Friday.

As of today I have 71 posts on my blog.  I have had 2050 views.  I have approved 87 comments.  I have discovered that people love posts about food, travel and all things unusual or out of the ordinary.  

How long have you been blogging?   How long did it take you to get into the blogger zone?  What was your best day as a blogger?


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what’s in a name? everything and nothing…

Bogging?!  What’s that?  Less than a year ago, I didn’t know what blogging was.  Oh, sure I had heard of it, but I had not given it much thought.  When I began to hear my friends talk about following blogs my interest was piqued.  On one particular Saturday evening my friends were really carrying on about “following” someone.

Me:  Who are you following? 
Friend:   Oh a friend of a friend has a blog.  You won’t believe the things that happen to her.  She is hysterical. 
Me: So, you know this person?
Friend:  No.   
Me: Really?

Following someone you don’t know?  Blog stalking, kinda weird!  I am not a blog stalker.  I make it a point to comment on the blogs I visit regularly.  I think its the least I can do for the person  who took the time to post their thoughts for me to read. 

I began following a couple of friends blogs as they popped up on my Facebook wall.  I enjoyed reading about their life.  I even found them inspiring.  So much so I was inspired to give blogging a try. 

I threw caution to the wind.  Without so much as a second thought.  I jumped in!!! 

I chose WordPress because a friend had her blog setup there and it was relatively easy to get started.

However, In the last few weeks I have found several blog posts about how to have a successful blog.  The do’s and dont’s of blogging.   Oh yes, and blog posts about how to get Freshly Pressed.  Although I have enjoyed stumbling upon these blogs they have me thinking about “my blog” and what, if anything I expect from it or for it.

The biggest change I am considering is the name of my blog.   When I jumped in I just called it what it was, jeanne’s blog.  Not very creative, but like I said I didn’t have a plan.  However, I think it needs a little help, maybe.  I am undecided at this time. 

Now I am wondering what will happen if I change my blog name?  Will it really matter one way or the other? Yes of course it matters, it matters to me.  And if I am honest about this whole thing I would have to say Yes, I want to have a successful blog! So, what’s in a name? EVERYTHING!

Have you changed your blog name?  If so, how did it affect your previous posts and your followers?  Did it help or hurt your blog?  Your input on this and other blogging do’s and dont’s would be appreciated and more than likely put into practice, at least for a little while. 

Can you tell me…what’s in a name? everything or nothing…

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blogging…stats r us…

My first blog was March 23, 2010.  I have written 33 blogs, this will make 34.  I began blogging as a way to express the emotions of moving from our home of 12 years in a nice suburb and into a 26′ travel trailer while our house in the country is being built.  In the past 4 1/2 months I have developed an interest in social networking as well as a new hobby. 

As with trying anything new and exciting you take the chance of becoming addicted.  Fortunately or un-fortunately however you choose to look at it, I have become an addict.  Addicted to checking my stats, checking the list of referrers and hoping upon hope that someone will take the time to comment. As of this posting I have had 977 views, 24 comments and 47 views in a single day.  I am not sure what happened that day, but I think one of my friends finally got around to reading all of my blogs at once. 

I enjoy discovering blogs that speak to me and my interests.  I am hoping to build new friendships in the blogging community.  I would love to learn the blogging lingo and how to apply the tricks of the trade to make my blog more interesting.   All the while becoming a better writer and communicator.  I would love for my blog to have a regular following. 

I would love to have a paying gig as a blogger.  (aren’t those people called journalists)

There is so much to consider when blogging; the audience, accuracy of information, branding, content, diversity, conversation, stories, truth, community, listening and integrity.  Just recently I have begun to think about all of these things and how they all play a part in creating something interesting. 

Thanks to Theycallmejane’s Blog I have discovered a few things that I would like to implement into my blog.  The first one is to try to engage those who stop by for a quick peak to interact and leave a comment.  The other is to create a little community with the writers of the blogs I enjoy.  Ultimately helping one another develop our blogs and create online friendships.

Until I get the hang of blogging, I will keep checking my stats and hoping upon hope that when you stop by to take a peek you will leave a comment even if it is to just say …


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