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Re-purpose those Pumpkins…

My re-purposed pumpkins from a couple of years back have been getting a lot of attention this year. Oh be still my beating heart I am flattered. So much so I thought I would share them with you again…They have been featured a half a dozen times on different web sites with permission and over 30 times without permission but at least some of them gave photo credit…The pumpkin-snowmen were really easy to put together…If you decide to re-purpose your pumpkins for the Christmas Season post a picture of them here for others to find, you will be given full photo credit. The scrooge does not live here!

Christmas Entry...Repurposed Pumpkins

Christmas Entry…Re-purposed Pumpkins

Check out some of the other Christmas crafts and hacks that can make your life easier and save you some money along the way…BuzzFeed, Love this Pic, CountryLiving.com  and now RedbookMag has asked to include them in a story they are working on.  Who knew a few leftover pumpkins, some paint and buttons would get so much attention. I will be re-purposing this years pumpkins over the weekend…stop by next week to check out the great pumpkin remake 2015.

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Welcome Fall…

It’s time to open the windows, toss warm cozy throws over the backs of chairs, sweep off the patio and invite friends and family to stop by and Welcome Fall….


The fall season is an experience for the senses…the explosion of red and orange colors, delightfully cooler temperatures and the warm comforting foods made with nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.


I absolutely love having fresh flowers around the house…year round.  It’s one of the easiest ways to add a smile to your decor. And it’s so easy…grab a seasonal bouquet from your local store, dust off an old mason jar, dollar store vase or in this case I used a trifle bowl.  Add something unusual to the mix and voila…a pretty little piece of happiness.


When the seasons change I take the opportunity to rearrange a few of my favorite things and give little nooks and corners a fresh look. This table sits in my morning room…I have tucked my small collection of crocks under the table. On top of the table I have arranged a few of my most recent purchases; a vintage egg crate and egg scale and a collection of vintage seltzer bottles.  I added the back of a sweet little antique chair as a back drop for the whimsical fall floral arrangement.


…Surprisingly simple and fun to make.


Fall seems to be synonymous with all things pumpkin spice, or least that is what my little sister has convinced me of through her daily postings of all things pumpkin.  Then of course there is the never ending barrage of all things pumpkin that show up daily in my inbox and news feeds.  So, I gave in…the cookies are good but for the record I prefer pumpkin bread smothered with cream cheese.


…The cooler Fall temperatures are a welcome change from the dog days of the southeast Texas summer.  In this part of Texas the Fall colors are minimal…on a good day we may see a splash of red or orange from the Chinese tallow tree or a splash of salmon from the occasional rain tree.  Our backyard space is perfect for spending time alone relaxing in the hammock, snuggled up in front of the fireplace with my personal fire-man or dancing the night away under the stars with close friends.  What ever the occasion adding a few fall touches adds a level of warmth.


Welcome Fall…Y’all!

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October in Texas…lower humidity, pumpkins and football




You know that October has arrived in Texas when the humidity drops below 50%, the temperatures are in the low 90’s and the farmers market is selling pumpkins. 

 Other tell-tale signs that October has arrived in Texas are the gently falling leaves, the crepe myrtle trees turning from green to orange then purple and red and the fern growing on the big oaks begins to wither. 

 You know it’s October in Texas when the weekends are filled with craft fairs and festivals and people riding their bikes. 

And October is officially here when Friday nights are spent under the lights, Saturday’s are spent tailgating on college campus’ and Sunday’s are spent with armchair quarterbacks calling the plays. 

And you definitely know that October has arrived in Texas when you can open the windows in your house and feel that gentle breeze stirring and hummingbirds are hovering around the feeder and….the farmers market is selling PUMPKINS…


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