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Tiny yellow dancers…

Currently our yard is sprinkled with little yellow flowers…they are a delightful addition to the landscape.  If our mower were not in the shop being repaired from an unfortunate incident the last time out, we may not be enjoying these tiny yellow dancers bobbing on the lawn.   This particular flower by any other name is a weed.  Weeds are just a smidge more tolerable at the beginning of the growing season as they announce the arrival of Spring.  

I rather enjoy the natural feel that the flowering weeds bring to the landscape…dandelions, ragwort, buttercups, clover, bluebonnets, indian paint brushes and the like. 

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness.  Shades of golden-yellow carry the promise of a positive future.  Yellow will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy as well as spark creative thoughts.   

A few years ago I was invited to take a personality profile test along with our entire staff.  This particular test associates personalities to a color wheel.  My personality test revealed that I am YELLOW…no not yellow as in jaundice or cowardly. According to the Insights Discovery Personality Profile Yellow is social, dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic and persuasive. A person with a “yellow” personality was likened to a Golden Retriever. A person who is fun to be around but will chase any butterfly or frisbee that comes into view.


In the Garden Yellow is considered…a warm color in landscape design. In the garden yellow’s appearance has a stimulating effect.  Yellow flowers come forward in the landscape, helping to make a large garden feel cozy.  Purple is the perfect complement to yellow in the garden. I have also heard that planting yellow flowers in your front garden will draw in potential home buyers.

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