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25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 10)

Greetings from our home to yours. This is day 10 of our 25 days of Christmas…home tour. Today I am showing off my sideboard or is it a buffet...This is the kind of thing that consumes my thoughts from time to time.

According to Houzz there is a difference between a sideboard and a buffet. All be it a small difference, its in the legs.  A buffet has long sexy legs and a sideboard has short “athletic” legs. Obviously I have a sideboard…


My sideboard is where I store my cloth napkins and assorted beverage napkins with really cute sayings. You will also find a wine opener, bottle stoppers, extra coasters and a stash of candles of all shapes, colors and sizes.

20151210_193023.jpgI picked up this stoic buck during one of my many Christmas shopping sprees.He looks like he could be one of Santa’s reindeer.   Where it is exactly I found him escapes me at this moment.  It could have been Hobby Lobby or Pier 1, I know it wasn’t Target or Home Goods.  I do remember that I spent a bit of time looking for his Doe mate…

20151210_193028.jpgFor Christmas the sideboard will become a well appointed backdrop for pictures snapped while people are sitting around the dining room table enjoying a few nibbles, a glass of Christmas punch and of course each other…


Here’s wishing you a beautiful Christmas filled with friends and family.

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My Christmas Sideboard

This year my husband I decided we would decorate with our existing decorations.  We have boxes and boxes of decorations that we have collected over the years. We also have a wonderful variety of everyday objects we have collected that can easily be incorporated into our holiday decor.  I decided to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that to decorate my Christmas sideboard.

A little greenery!  I purchased this pre-lit winter garland several years ago.  For a couple of years it graced our fireplace mantel.  Then for a couple of years it welcomed friends and family as it hung over our front door.  Now the garland has landed on our dining room sideboard.  I am so thankful the lights are still working!

A little bit of glass! A couple of vintage birds have landed on the Christmas Sideboard along with a sugar bowl and a couple of vintage dessert cups.

A little sparkle!  Glittery pinecones, crystal snowflakes, a large mercury glass ornament that has lost its hanger and a yard find birdcage.

The decor was missing something until I saw the crystal cake stand in the panty and the glittery butterflies landed on the birdcage.  Then Voila a beautiful Christmas sideboard was laid out without purchasing so much as a pine cone.

I am linking up with Hooked on Holiday House Tours over at Hooked on Houses….


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