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(C) is for carvings…(a-z challenge)

On September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike sent a tidal surge across most of  Galveston Island .  The 120 mph winds and the strong waves almost instantly uprooted many of Galveston’s beautiful trees.  Ultimately the salty bay water that covered the island for days and weeks on end led to the demise of an estimated 40,000 trees.

As Galveston came to grips with the devastation caused by the Hurricane and began to dig out from the rubble, it became painfully obvious that many of the beautiful beloved trees were headed for the woodpile.  Then a wonderful thing happened.  A private donor commissioned a local artist to use his chain saw to transform one of the trunks into a sculpture. 

Currently there are between 20-30 tree sculptures scattered across the Island. The Galveston Island Department of Tourism has set up a wonderful self-guided driving tour of these wonderful sculptures. 

My pictures were taken last summer on a weekend getaway.  EnJOY!

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