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Home-Grown Tomatoes…

There is nothing like home-grown tomatoes…The tomatoes are delicious this year…just the right amount of rain and sunshine.  My absolute favorite way to enjoy a tomato is on a sandwich…fresh bread, real mayo, thick slices of tomato, salt and fresh ground pepper, I am a purist.  How about you…do you eat tomato sandwiches?



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A-Z Archive Challenge: “T”

Suncreek Garden 2011 Tomato Crop…This weeks entry into the A-Z Archive Photo Challenge: “T” hosted by Frizztext!



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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Tomato Happiness

It’s happy times at Suncreek Garden.  Next to actually havesting and eating our tomato crop this is the most exciting time of the season …The seeds went into the starter pots in early January…the plants have been in the ground for 3 weeks…and we have flowers!  Tomato Flowers!!!

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.  Gertrude Stein


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Suncreek Garden Chronicles: The Tomato Debate


Suncreek Garden Chronicles...The Tomato Debate

 The tomato was once referred to as the Love Apple, Moor’s Apple and a Wolf Peach.  The name wolf peach comes from the long-held belief that the tomato was poisonous.  One 17th Century cookbook declared, while it was safe to eat a cooked tomato it was “not advisable”.  However eating a raw tomato would cause instantaneous death.  Although untrue, this lethal accusation lingered until the early 1800’s.

The controversy over the toxic tomato was only the beginning of the tomato debate.  An additional debate was most likely the topic of many garden conversations…was the tomato a vegetable or a fruit.  The issue seemed to cause such division that the debate was taken before the United States Supreme Court.   In 1887 the issue was settled when the powers to be decided to split the difference.  The Court ruled that although “botanically speaking tomatoes are the fruit of a vine” they were vegetables “in the  common language of the people.”

Here at Suncreek Garden there really isn’t much of a debate.  We grow heirloom tomatoes.  We enjoy them cooked as well as raw and thus far no one has fallen ill or even worse.  Also, we don’t prefer the tomato fruit over the tomato vegetable or vice versa…we just prefer tomatoes!

*On a side note…The tomato serves as both the official state vegetable and the official state fruit of Arkansas, in honor of the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato, sometimes known as “Bradley Pink.”

What say you about the tomato debate?


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suncreek garden chronicles…here come the tomatos

Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Installment #10

We have been patiently waiting for our favorite garden veggie to color up.  The time is here!

This is one ugly tomato!!! 

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  


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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Heirloom Tomatoes are the best fruit ever

suncreek garden chronicles…installment #8

Did you know that tomatoes are botanically a fruit, but considered a vegetable for culinary purposes which of course causes some confusion.  Tomatoes are grown world-wide and are the most popular home garden fruit grown. 

Heirloom tomatoes are seed varieties that have been handed down through the generations.  They are the real deal!  Unlike the tomatoes we see in the local grocery store that are perfectly shaped and uniform in color most often have little or no real tomato flavor.  The heirlooms can range from a deep plum color to pale pink.  They have cracks and bumps and are misshapen.  Each heirloom has great characteristics and a wide range of flavor.

The heirloom tomato are not just for gourmet foodies.  The heirloom tomato is the people’s tomato bred by amateurs, farmers and gardeners-designed to be homegrown. 

Some of you who have been stopping by the blog know we are growing a garden.  We are anxiously anticipating the tomato crop.  The plants are looking great, very health and full of flowers and yes tomatoes. We purchased our plants from a couple of local growers which has turned out to be a very good decision.  The plants are healthy and obviously from good seed stock.

We have planted black cherry , beefmaster, heatwave and goliath’s which are heirloom tomatoes.  The goliath tomato has been reported to grow as large as three pounds.  WOW 3#!!! 

By the way, is it Tomatos or Tomatoes?  They both look wrong to me…but I always choose to spell it Tomatoes because its easier for me to make an “es” at the end instead of just an “s”.  Either way tomatoes are delicious!!! 

My favorite way to enjoy a red ripe tomato is on a sandwich.  A tomato sandwich!!!  Two slices of bread, mayo, sliced tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper…delicious!!!


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