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People Watching…

People watching in Jackson, Wyoming…


Hostessing at the Wort Hotel, Silver Dollar Restaurant…


Window shopping at Jolly Jumbucks…

???????????????????????????????Chocolate persuasions at Coco Love…


Persephone baking up artisan breads, sweet pastries and signature layer cakes…

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Sweet Surprises…

My soul mate and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last month…Although we planned our anniversary trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming together there was a little sneaking around going on with some of the details.  I thought I would surprise my husband by ordering a small version of our wedding cake from a local Jackson bakery.

When we arrived in Jackson our room wasn’t ready so we decided to take a walk around town. Our hotel was right off the town square and everything was within a 4 block radius.  As we walked I began to talk about this bakery I had heard of in Jackson.  I talked and talked about the macaroons they made and I expressed how I just had to have a macaroon while we were there.  We walked until we came to the bakery I had found online. I asked my husband to wait while I ran and checked to see if they had the desired sweet available at such a late hour of the day.  I came out with a little white cake box that held the cake I had ordered weeks earlier. I smiled, he smiled..we walked back to the hotel.  What was really in the box was still my little secret surprise.

We walked back to the hotel with the little cake box.  Our room wasn’t quite ready so we sat in the lobby in front of the big fireplace and looked through a couple local magazines.  The wait wasn’t too long. Finally our room was ready, our bags were taken up and a few minutes later we walked into the most beautiful hotel room.  That’s when I discovered I wasn’t the only who had been planning a little surprise.,,the room was filled with flowers.  Roses, lilies, hydrangea…where do you find hydrangea in February in Wyoming?

It was so sweet knowing that we both had been thinking about making our anniversary extra special for the other by planning, plotting, researching and seeing to a few extra special surprise details.

sweet surprises

The cake was 6 layers of sweet red velvet covered in cream cheese buttercream icing. The flowers were lovely and fragrant…all of my favorites.

white flowers



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Structural Support


Typically I don’t think about how something is constructed or even how it works…at least not until I was walking around on an observation deck 2000′ up on the side of a mountain.  I think this looks like sufficient structural support.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America…that’s a lot of fresh water!



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Underwater + Hidden Treasure = Sunken Ship…

Key West 2012 534This is one of the many boats used by Mel Fisher and his team of treasure hunters..how apropos that one of his boats would find its end at the bottom of the ocean.

Wikipedia….Mel Fisher (August 21, 1922 – December 19, 1998) was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha[1] named after a shrine in Madrid for protection.[2] He discovered the wreck July 20, 1985. The estimated $450 million cache recovered, known as “The Atocha Motherlode,” included 40 tons of gold and silver; there were some 114,000 of theSpanish silver coins known as “pieces of eight“, gold coins, Colombian emeralds, gold and silver artifacts, and 1000 silver ingots.[1][3] Large as it was, this was only roughly half of the treasure that went down with the Atocha. The wealthiest part of the ship, the stern castle, is yet to be found.


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Sometimes a place has more depth than it has depth…70 miles west of Key West lies the remote Dry Tortugas National Park.  Accessible only by boat or seaplane, the park is known the world over as the home of the magnificent Fort Jefferson.  Fort Jefferson the largest all masonry fort in the United States was built between 1846 – 1875.  The fort was constructed with 16 million bricks.


The fort was also used as a prison for criminals and deserters during and after the civil war.  The most famous of these prisoners was Dr. Samuel Mudd, who was imprisoned for his involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  After its use as a prison, Fort Jefferson became a quarantine station for the Marine-Hospital service from 1888-1900.  Fort Jefferson received its national park status in 1992.

This place has more depth than meets the eye…If Fort Jefferson is on your “to do” list, spend the money and take the seaplane the views are spectacular!


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Travel Theme: Time

Sometimes time repeats itself….

November 2012 197

Check out Where’s My Backpack for more posts on Time Travel….

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Have you seen the Ostrich Pillow?

At first glance the Ostrich Pillow is a bizarre attention getter…At second glance it looks like you are wearing an over-sized protective headgear…But then you look a little longer and it begins to grow on you…and after you gain control of the rolling on the floor laughter…you begin thinking this looks like a pretty good idea.  They have come up with a guaranteed zen-like state for catching a power nap any where any time…On a long flight, in a crowded airport, at your desk, if you work shift work and need to sleep when the rest of the world is moving at warp speed.  I am even thinking this could be the perfect place to crawl into when dealing with a migraine headache…I wonder if I can get my Doctor to write me a prescription for one…I imagine this would even drowned out the neighbors barking dog! The Ostrich Pillow…a cozy cocoon for your head and hands…Now where can I get one of these in my size?


image taken from studiobananathings.com


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Travel Theme: Walls…Day Tripping on Street Art

On a day trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Art I took a detour…and stumbled upon these walls..the area where I snapped these photographs is referred to as Midtown.

In Houston and the surrounding areas we are plagued by vandals who use graffiti and tagging to “mark their territory”…This is different…This is Street Art!  Feel free to weigh in on my wall art!











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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond



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