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Sweet Decorations…

How sweet it is to watch the faces of the children when they see the big tree in the lobby of the church. This year we decided to go with a new theme and it is sweet if I do say so myself.



…Snowflakes and Cupcakes!

11…Colorful Coned Shaped Trees!

10…Houses covered in frosting and gumdrops!

7…Candy Canes Twisted and Swirled!

5…Glittery Snowflakes with colorful sprinkles!

8Cupcakes that would satisfy any sweet tooth!

I can’t wait to see the kids faces light up when they see the tree for the first time this weekend.


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The Big Tree…

Big Tree of Lamar is one of the most famous live oaks in the world. The giant tree is a charter member of the Live Oak Society of America, and has been the subject of one of Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” cartoons. It is measured to be more than 35 feet in circumference, 44 feet in height and has a crown spread of 89 feet. The Texas Forest Service estimates the tree to be over 1,000 years old. The Big Tree is also known as the Lamar Oak, Bishop’s Oak and the Goose Island Oak. It is recognized as the State Champion Coastal live oak.


I have gathered sun and rain to grow green leaves
Swaying softly in spring, rustling like applause in the fall.
My limbs have shaded generations
My roots have reached for centuries
My children & their children’s children surround me
Here in this peaceful part of my land.

Golden sunlight diamonds have glinted on the ground around me
Cold fingers of ice have touched my heartwood.
Dust-dry days of sandstorms have scoured my skin.
Torrents of rain, driven by gales have rushed at me
And I have swayed, but stayed unbroken.
Silver moonlight has kept me company many a night.

Yet through all the seasons, sorrows, bitterness and beauty
All of the history I have withstood and witnessed
There has been one thing I could not do

I could not grow green dollars or silver or gold.

Will you help me standing here before me?
Then we may both grow old together,
As old friends should
One of flesh one of wood.

by: Mary Hoeskt


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(C) is for carvings…(a-z challenge)

On September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike sent a tidal surge across most of  Galveston Island .  The 120 mph winds and the strong waves almost instantly uprooted many of Galveston’s beautiful trees.  Ultimately the salty bay water that covered the island for days and weeks on end led to the demise of an estimated 40,000 trees.

As Galveston came to grips with the devastation caused by the Hurricane and began to dig out from the rubble, it became painfully obvious that many of the beautiful beloved trees were headed for the woodpile.  Then a wonderful thing happened.  A private donor commissioned a local artist to use his chain saw to transform one of the trunks into a sculpture. 

Currently there are between 20-30 tree sculptures scattered across the Island. The Galveston Island Department of Tourism has set up a wonderful self-guided driving tour of these wonderful sculptures. 

My pictures were taken last summer on a weekend getaway.  EnJOY!

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Oh Christmas Tree…decoratioins

A few weeks back, I was checking out the blog over at The French Flea and the girls were designing vignettes around a natural white Christmas theme.  It didn’t take long for my mind to start to spin out of control and lay a plan for my own white Christmas theme.  As I began to unpack and sort through our  Christmas decorations it was obvious that I would be ablt to pull this off without purchasing additional ornaments. 

However, I did purchase a handful a white poinsettia and several strings of new lights to add to the lights we already have.  Our beautiful tree began to take shape as the tulle was nestled deep into the tree to help reflect the lights.  The lights were wrapped around the branches and the poinsettia were tucked into the tree.  Next the oversized ornaments were strategically placed to fill the larger spaces.  Then layer by layer the ornaments were hung on the branches.  I sprinkled a few natural elements through out as well as my favorite handmade ornaments

Then I decided our beautiful monochromatic tree needed a little pop of color.  I chose RED!!!  Just a little touch here and there.  Then I wrapped the tree with red glitter garland. 

The tree looks beautiful!  If I were to stop right now and not add another single ornament it would be perfect.  But, I can’t help myself!!!  I know I have some chandelier crystals that would be the finishing touch for the tree, if I can just find where I put them.   Oh yes, and the perfect new tree topper.  Then I will be finished!  Maybe.


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