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Trick or Treat…

Our neighborhood organizes a Halloween Hayride for all of the kids…If you want to join the festivities you wait at the end of your driveway for the tractors and trailers to come by…60 kids in less than 5 minutes.  No random people ringing the doorbell wearing creepy masks scaring the crap out of the dogs.  I mean really who in their right mind would open the door up for Jason, Freddy or Hannibal?!  photo 1

Treat bags….

photo 2

For 60 kids…

photo 3

Fun and Done!!!


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A Tricky Treat

Well…it’s almost time for the Ghosts & Goblins to come knocking on the door begging to be tricked and treated.  The homes in our neighborhood sit on large pieces of property, some sitting as much as 200′ from the road.  If the kids were to attempt to Trick or Treat the neighborhood they would be plumb tuckered out before they hit 10 houses…So our neighborhood association hosts an annual Halloween Hay Ride & One Stop Trick or Treat

The tractor drawn wagons filled with parents and kids sporting their favorite costume slowly snakes its way through the neighborhood…stopping along the predetermined route so their pillowcases and plastic pumpkins can be filled with the much sought after Halloween treats

As we wait with treats in hand for the hay ride to pull up to our driveway , we visit with neighbors wandering the streets doing their own trick or treating...There isn’t much fun in handing out candy one piece at a time…and because we don’t have the opportunity to trick the kids with a scary farmer sitting on the porch or to jump out from behind the bushes and give them a fright…we must do something that at least resembles the tricky part before the treat...After much consideration and searching the internet I finally stumbled upon an idea for a tricky treat…

Here is what the kiddos will be getting when the hay ride stops at our house…a very Tricky Treat courtesy of  Pinterest via The Queen’s Card Castle!




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Trick or Treat in a Trunk…

Trick or Treat in a Trunk

It is the bewitching hour, at least in our neck of the woods. Tonight our neighborhood hosted a Halloween hay ride for the kids…Trick or Treat in a Trunk.

We live in a ranch style community where the houses are scattered throughout the neighborhood.  Also it is typical for the houses to sit a good 100-200 feet from the road.  Needless to say we are not trick or treat friendly when it comes to the tradition of walking from house to house.

However, we have a wonderful lady who organizes neighborhood events for most of the holidays.  I believe this is the third annual Halloween hay ride and trick or treat in a trunk.  The event  is gaining popularity.  Tonight there were 2 trailers filled with  kids and parents enjoying the cool fall weather that rolled in Thursday evening while being driven from house to house.

Trick or Treat in a Trunk

Sometime last week a flyer was delivered to all the houses with the hay ride route and instructions for participating.  You could either drop your candy off at the starting point or wait for the hay ride at the end of your driveway.

We chose the later and filled 40 candy bags in anticipation of the revellers.  We parked the truck at the end of the driveway and waited.  We had several neighbors stop by and give us the update as to where the trailers were in the route.  The evening was cool.  There was music from a party drifting through the air.  And then the sound of the tractor as it rounded the corner.

Trick or Treat in a Trunk

This was our first time to participate in the Halloween hay ride and trick or trunk event.  I think I had as much fun as the kids.

The best part of the evening was it was all over in 20 minutes.  The other benefits of trick or treat in a trunk are; our little dogs didn’t bark the heads off for hours on end I didn’t have to run to the door every 15 minutes.  Also it is an almost unwritten rule that you should say something about the cute and not so cute outfits.  Tonight I made one general comment to how cute everyone looked, doing my part to recognize the effort that went into getting dressed up and to the hayride on time, without really having to put much effort into it.  All in all…Trick or Treat in a Trunk is a treat in my book.


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tuesday…trick or treat

trick…well it must be at $2.69/gallon.  The media isn’t reporting on the fact that gasoline prices are hovering just below the peak summer travel prices.  Sure the local news will mention that gasoline prices are up 3cents or 5cents it has become a passing thought not something worth valuable news time.  The whole gas thing must be a TRICK…it’s called desensitization. 

treat…Yes this is my almost daily treat, a trip to Sonic.  Every day from 2pm – 4pm you can enjoy your favorite fountain drink combo for 1/2 price.  You can indulge in a lemon berry or blue coconut slush if frozen drinks are your thing.  Or you can have a fountain drink with a little something extra.  My favorite afternoon combo is a Diet Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper.  A Large runs me $1.03.  Not only is this a pleasure to the palette it is a TREAT to the pocket. 

i’ll take the treat every time!


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