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25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 6)

Welcome back..the 25 days of Christmas, home tour continues. Today we are in the kitchen. If your kitchen is anything like ours, it is where everyone wants to hangout.  As much as I try to limit the things that draw people into the kitchen it doesn’t seem to help.

wp-1449448796141.jpgI usually set up the buffet in the dining room and the bar on the back patio.  But no matter how hard I try to spread the party throughout the house everyone crams into the kitchen. The girls are sitting two to a chair…the guys are leaning against the counter.


So with everyone hanging out in the kitchen I decided that I should spend a little time decorating this very popular room in our house.


This is our candy station…a few Christmas favorites to satisfy the sweet tooth.  My favorite Christmas candy is dark chocolate covered cherries.  I know they are available all year but I only buy them in December.  This treat reminds me of childhood Christmas’ so I indulge my need for nostalgia by enjoying a few of these sweet treats.


If you have been touring our home these past 5 days you may have gathered I have a few collections. Here is a one of my little collections; vintage Christmas ornaments and vintage scales.


Wishing you a Christmas season filled with a collection of memories.

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