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2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…4/52: Color

Finding color in the dead of winter can be a challenge…you have to be intentional when looking for color in and amongst the greys and browns that make up the winter landscape.  Winter in South Texas is usually fairly mild and we have a good amount of green to balance out the browns…that is until the polar vortex came barreling into town…only time will tell how much of the landscaping won’t recover.

This past week I attended a funeral.  As I sat with my friends and co-workers at the back of the church I was treated to a wonderful display of color as the sun hit the stained glass windows…I couldn’t help but gaze up at the windows as I listened to the Priest speak of heaven and angels…and a life ever lasting.  I can only imagine that these colors, as brilliant as they were that morning, will pale in comparison to heaven itself…

stainedglass 1



Just for the record, I waited until the service was over and everyone had left the sanctuary before I quickly snapped these shots…


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning…

The beginning...a point in time or space when something starts, a new experience.  A new dawn, a new day, a new life….beginning

The Lord’s love never ends; his mercies never stop. They are new every morning; Lord your loyalty is great.  Lamentations 3:22-23



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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Unfocused

Unfocused….Not seeing clearly, or not giving a clear image, faint, invisible, subtle, blurred, faintly, unseen, fuzzy, undetected.  Without a clear purpose, aim, or direction, unstructured, haphazard, chaotic, undisciplined, disorganized, unplanned, hasty.


Ecclesiastes 6:9 “Better is the sight of the eyes (the enjoyment of what is available to one) than the cravings of wandering desire.  This is also vanity (emptiness, falsity, and futility) and a striving after the wind and a feeding on it!



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Weekly Photo Challenge…Simple

Weekly Photo Challenge…Simple!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge…Simple

The Incredible Edible Egg…Eggs can be enjoyed in many different ways.  You can serve it boiled, scrambled, fried, poached or baked.  You can enjoy it in a souffle, omelet, quiche, strata or frittata.  Eggs are the key ingredients in meringues, pastries, cookies and cakes. Enjoy a simply delicious egg!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

I waited and waited this past week for an opportunity to capture a beautiful sunset to share with you.  Each day came and went without much to offer in the way of colorful sunsets.  In order to participate in this weeks challenge (now last weeks challenge) I had to scour the archives.  Here is my photo for the Sunset Challenge…better late than never!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Fall

The first signs that Fall has arrived in Southeast Texas are not the cooler temperatures or the leaves falling from the trees.  Our first sign that Fall has arrived are the enormous bins of pumpkins that appear overnight at the local grocer or produce stand. 

Muskee de Provence

These particular pumpkins are referred to as Cinderella Pumpkins.  They come in a variety of colors; the orange and green shown here, light blue and green as well as striped.  Pumpkins with this shape are also known as heirloom pumpkins and are wonderful addition to a fall harvest display(shameless foreshadowing).

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion” Henry David Thoreau

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Faces

These are the sad faces of two stinky little dogs.  They were less than enthusiastic about having their picture taken.  But a picture is worth a thousand words…well at least a few captions to help express the attitude I was getting.   Dogs are very instinctive and I think they knew their face was going to end up on my blog! 

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