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Post #303…What do you miss?

The question of the day..What do you miss?  The very first thing that comes to mind is you.  I do, I miss you!

I miss reading your encouraging posts and daily challenges.  I miss your poetry and photographs.  I miss the weekly photo challenge and the link ups.  I miss reading all that you have taken the time to write.  I feel like that friend that doesn’t reply to emails or return phone calls.  I am not that person!  I really have been burning the candle at both ends and the ends are getting closer to meeting in the middle.

A few weeks back the process of organizing 8 nights of banquets began and everything else came to a screeching halt.  Every minute of every day has been dedicated to making sure everything is in order for that nights banquet.  Attention to the little details is what makes an event memorable.  And there are lots of details that need attention.

Before this event began I asked God to use my gifts and talents to serve Him and His Church. I did not know what that would mean at the time but I was up for the challenge.  No matter what was asked of me.  Now at the end of each day my feet ache and body is weary.  But every morning I wake up with renewed energy and excitement.  Every day I give all that I have to give and every morning God fills me with what I need to get through another day.

As I type these words I am fighting to keep my eyes open.  But I feel the need to let you know that I am still here, just on the other side of cyberspace…desperately wanting to read every word you have written.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about…What do you miss?


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